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Daeva Altar Cloth - Indra Archdaeva - The Luciferian Apotheca

    Daeva Altar Cloth - Indra Archdaeva

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    This altar cloth features a one sided print with hemmed edges. Care instructions: Cold water delicate cycle, hang to dry. No bleach. 24" x 24" inches.

    A god in the Vedas, a demon in the Avesta. This demon furnishes us with an instance of degrading one of the great Indian divinities to the rank of a demon in the Iranian theology. He is mentioned in the Boghaz-keui tablets, recently discovered in Asia Minor, that are supposed to date from about 1400 B.C. Transformation of a great Indian divinity into an execrated demon in Persia. In the Pahlavi texts Ahriman is represented to have created Indar as the opponent of ArtaVahisht.- M.N Dhalla, Zoroastrianism

    The Archdaeva Indra talisman/sigil for invocation and Ahrimanic Yoga. For serious practitioners of ancient Persian sorcery, Yatuk Dinoih (Witchcraft) and the Ahrimanian tradition within Luciferian Witchcraft. From Michael W Ford's "DRAUGA - Ahrimanian Yatuk Dinoih" Luciferian Sorcery grimoire, illustrated by Kitti Solymosi. This 24" x 24" altar cloth banner features Indra the Archdaeva of storms, war and conquering your enemies and challenges.

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