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Akhtya - Cult Hymns of Moloch
Cult Hymns Ov Moloch - Akhtya Digital Album Download - The Luciferian Apotheca

    Cult Hymns Ov Moloch - Akhtya Digital Album Download

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    Ritual Music with authentic period instruments and dark ambient tracks for meditation, ritual and ceremony. Tabla drums, Doumbek, Timpani and various ancient near instruments blended with dark ambient soundscapes and haunting echos which guide the listener into the abyss and beyond. Akhtya (Michael W. Ford of Psychonaut 75, Hexentanz, Black Funeral) creates ideal ritual music which creates an atmosphere to inspiring astral projection and dark chthonic rites into the deep realms of Sheol.

    1. Awakening Void 08:11
    2. Baal of Peor (Entering the Deep Darkness) 06:26
    3. Cult Hymns of Moloch I 07:27
    4. Invocation Timeless I 08:00
    5. Invocation II Black Flame 06:05
    6. Daemonic Illumination 10:00
    7. Cult Hymns of Moloch II 08:59

    8. Invocation II - Timeless Edit 0 * BONUS TRACK


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