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    L.Apotheca Goddess Oils

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     Ritual oils are used to anoint the practitioner or the talisman / sigil before a working. No matter if you are performing a Luciferian Witchcraft or Satanic Ritual, the oils offered here not only are excellent rites but daily wear. The oils are top quality and mixed from essential oils. *Our ritual oils are hand made, mixed with the highest quality standards by Luciferian Witches. Intended for ritual workings and Magickal practice. Each oil may be used to anoint in sorcerous workings or a few drops added to a burner.

    Morrigan - Celtic goddess of death and fertility. Use for rituals of inspiring the mind, fertility and exploring the shadowside of instinct and desire.

    Artemis - The Greek/Hellenic Goddess of Hunting, like the Ugaritic/Canaanite goddess Anat, Artemis is a virgin deity. Artemis in Attica and Rhodes had a cult where she is associated with Hekate, called Hekate Phosphorus, the light bearer. Artemis is a goddess of fertility and the nurturing qualities of the moon with herbs and nature. Like her twin, Apollo, Artemis carries a bow and arrow. Use for divination, oracle and the balanced insight of nature and animals.

    Hecate - The Triple Moon Goddess is one of sorcery, witchcraft, necromancy and the cult of the Underworld. Hekate Phosphorus carries the torch of hidden knowledge and the natural cycle of maiden, mother and crone. 

    Babalon - The Thelemic avatar of the power of the goddess, as sexual desire, ecstasy and lustful intoxication, fierce and violent instinct and emotion; the shadowside of Babalon is that of the whore, the demonic-goddess who rides the Beast 666, who drinks the blood from her chalice of ecstasy. 

    Astarte - Ugarit/Canaanite Goddess of War, Love, Lust and the balance of consciousness and deep desires, Venus the Morning and Evening Star.

    Aphrodite - For inspiring rituals of desire and love.

    Diana - Goddess of the Moon. Emotional well being, instinct and the dreams which bring guidance.

    Isis - Egyptian Goddess of magick, love and order between destruction and creation. 

    Tiamat - Mesopotamian chaos goddess of primordial dark abyssic waters, the source of which all life emerged. Tiamat is used for magick, creation and primal desire and drives, chaos and the hunger for power and life. Tiamat is also a creative force to re-shape your conscious mind towards self-evolution. In addition, Tiamat is the anti-cosmic force of lawless primal fiery spirit, free within the ever-mutating chaos of nightmares and dreams. 

    Sekhmet - Egyptian goddess of war and hate, lion-headed, blood drinking fierce passion. Rituals of defense, controlling anger and directing passion in productive ways.

    Kali - Goddess of Destruction and Creation, rituals associated with the balance of nature, love and life through the shadow of death. Kali inspires the determination of the destruction of unwanted thoughts, trappings and that which restricts self-potential. 

    Cybele - Primordial Goddess of Asia Minor, riding in a chariot of lions. Violent mother who also nurtures. Inspires the clarity of knowing what is important and meaningless, keeping perspective in life.


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