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Baphomet Candle and Cone Incense Burner
Baphomet Incense Burner
Baphomet Cone Incense Burner 4 1/2
Baphomet Sabbatic Goat Candle & Cone Incense Burner

    Baphomet Candle Holder & Incense Burner 4 1/2" Inch

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    This expertly crafted Baphomet Incense burner and candle holder is a striking addition to any home or altar. Adorned with the face of the mighty Baphomet, this small circular holder also features the Staff of Asclepius and the eye of Horus. In the centre of the Baphomet's head, there is a small dish where you can place your favorite candle and a small hole to burn your incense sticks. Cast in the finest resin before being expertly hand-painted, this piece is perfect for those who wish to invoke the Baphomet to bring balance to their lives.

    A compelling visage of Baphomet atop a disk-like base. Place in the center to ignite your preferred cone incense or accommodate a taper candle. Antique coating on this solid resin creation; hues, and shape may vary slightly. 6" Inch Taper candles and Cone Incense are suggested.

    4 1/2" Inch



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