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Beelzebub: Inspire Insight & Divination Glass Spell Candle - The Luciferian Apotheca

    Beelzebub: Inspire Insight & Divination Glass Spell Candle

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    Glass Spell Candle for Divination, Self-Initiation into Luciferian Magick, Focus and Determination of Will 7 day candle. 

    *due to weight of freight costs of shipping candles, pillar and glass candles, we are not shipping to Australia.

    Beelzebub is known in antiquity as the Lord of Flies, a Canaanite and Philistine Baal (Lord) who was the patron deity of the city of Ekron. Beelzebub became the Prince of Demons and is known in Old and New Testament, the Testament of Solomon and later medieval black magical traditions. Beelzebub is presented from origins to modern lore fully within "Dragon of the Two Flames" by Michael W Ford.

    The God of Ekron is both a Deific Mask of Divination, Magick; Flies as the symbol of the astral plane/spirit travel, and associated with a Lord of the Heavenly Dwelling, the clouds and sky. His element and area of dominion is the air or ‘spirit’; thus also having the power of ‘divination’ and the spiritual areas inherent of the Black Adepts’ willed focus of obtaining knowledge and power. Baal is ‘Lord’ and Zebub is ‘of the Heights’ and equally ‘Flies’ and ‘Flame’. Blue Spell candle with invocation and instructions for workings adapt from "Dragon of the Two Flames", the grimoire of Canaanite Magick by Michael W. Ford.

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