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Chemosh: Inspire Conquering, Morning Star & Underworld God Glass Spell Candle - The Luciferian Apotheca
Chemosh Conquering Obstacles and Enemies Spell Candle
Nergal Chemosh of the Dust / Darkness Nightside Candle for dreams, necromancy spell candle

    Chemosh: Inspire Conquering, Morning Star & Underworld God Glass Spell Candle

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    There are 3 Spell Candles here to choose from, each an aspect of Chemosh the ancient enemy deity of Yahweh. For more history and descriptions of Chemosh, see "Dragon of the Two Flames" by Michael W. Ford in Softcover, Hardcover or Digital editions.

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    Choose Color & purpose below:

    1. Balance, stability and health. (Ashtar-Chemosh of Fire/Light) Yellow

    2. Warlike, Strategic Thinking and Overcoming Obstacles: Chemosh. Red

    3. Spirit communication, dreams, necromancy, honoring ancestors and family dead, astral and nocturnal projection. Purple


    Spell Candle for Balance, Self-Illumination, Black Flame and the Son of the Morning: Ashtar-Chemosh of Fire and Light:

    Ashtar-Chemosh: The masculine manifestation of the planet Venus, is a god of conquering and mastering your obstacles. Burn this flame with reciting the focused incantation. Atthar-Chemosh is the ancient enemy of Yahweh. Lucifer Rise! Featured in Michael W. Ford's 'Dragon of the Two Flames - Demonic Magick and the Gods of Canaan". Yellow for solar vitality, strength and power inherent within the Will of the Daemonic Spirit.

    Spell Candle for Conquering and Overcoming obstacles and enemies: Chemosh.

    Chemosh the Subduing War God: Described in detail in Michael W. Ford's 'Dragon of the Two Flames' is an ancient near eastern god who is related to war, Venus the Morning Star, order and solar power. Chemosh was also bloodthirsty and held power over the destructive heat of sun, considered by etymology to be Nergal, the Canaanite and Moabite Chemosh lusts for the slaughter of his enemies and inspired the repressed Moabite tribes to gather to king Mesha and nearly annihilate the Kingdom of Jerusalem around 800 B.C.E. Use this ritual candle for defense but with warring vengeance against your enemy who has wronged you. 

    Spell Candle for dreaming, necromancy, spirit-communication, Underworld energies and primal power: Nergal/Chemosh of the Dust & Darkness:

    Nergal Ka-am-mu-su Chemosh of the Dust and Darkness: Known by the Ugaritic epithet of 'Chemosh of the Dust and Darkness' is invoked as a shadow manifestation of the Moabite/Canaanite/ Deific Mask and enemy of the Yahweh cult Chemosh, who is described in detail in Michael W. Ford's 'Dragon of the Two Flames'. The purple candle, representing the netherworld and the spirits who assume the dark shapes of predatory birds, bats and other therionick forms, acts as a stimulant to the subconscious desire to enter again the darkness from which we came. Nergal is the Mesopotamian Deific Mask known here as Kamis or Chemosh.

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