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Angro Mainyush - 'Four Hells' Ritual Michael W Ford Digital Download - The Luciferian Apotheca

    Angro Mainyush - 'Four Hells' Ritual Michael W Ford Digital Download

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    A ritual recording of Ancient Persian Sorcery and Witchcraft, Yatuk Dinoih from LUCIFERIAN WITCHCRAFT, Bible of the Adversary, Adversarial Light, Liber HVHI and Gates of Dozak. Michael W. Ford records a 'daevayasna' (literally demon-worship) ritual working of the Four Hells of Ahriman. 0. AREZURA, I. DUSHMATA (Evil Thought), II. DUSHUKHTA (Evil Word), III. DUSHVARSHTA (Evil Deed), IV. ANAGHRA TEMAH (Endless Darkness). The Tunnels of Angra Mainyu as presented here as the gateway towards immortality of the spirit, non-union with the objective universe and the assumption of self-control under the auspices of Ahriman as the Adversary. It is here that the initiate will become immersed in the fluid motion of Az, the primal concupiscence which is the motivation, fire which stirs Ahriman. The foundation of Duzhahu is known as “evil existence” and is relating to the state of being in association with one or all of these ‘hells’. “Hell, which is northerly, descending, and underneath this earth, even unto the utmost declivity of the sky; and its gate is in the earth, a place of the northern quarter, and is called the Arezur ridge, a mountain which, among its fellow mountains of the name of Arezur that are amid the rugged (kofik) mountains, is said in revelation to have a great fame with the demons, and the rushing together and assembly of the demons in the world are on the summit of that mountain, or as it is called 'the head of Arezur.” -Dadestan-i Denig

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