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    L.Apotheca Gods & Deity Oils

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     Ritual oils are used to anoint the practitioner or the talisman / sigil before a working. No matter if you are performing a Luciferian Witchcraft or Satanic Ritual, the oils offered here not only are excellent rites but daily wear. The oils are top quality and mixed from essential oils.*Our ritual oils are hand made, mixed with the highest quality standards by Luciferian Witches. Intended for ritual workings and Magickal practice. Each oil may be used to anoint in sorcerous workings or a few drops added to a burner.

    Zeus - Greek/Hellenic God of Order, Storms and Balance in Life. Zeus has many epithets and cult areas in the ancient world. Use for rituals of establishing order in life, conquering fears and obstacles, using knowledge to gain wisdom via experience. Calculating restraint, discipline and the power of experience. 

    Pan - The chaos-inspired spirit of nature, desire and instinctual lust. The power of sexuality as a motivator in life.

    Hades - God of the Underworld, Necromancy, Wealth in the Earth as knowledge and wisdom. 

    Apollo - Divination, Sending focused curses of destruction against enemies, music, knowledge, poetry and art.

    Baal - Storm God of balance and order; conquering power to maintain structure in daily life.

    Anubis - Egyptian God of Death and Mortuary practice. Use for knowledge of the cycle of death from life, creating from something destroyed, using death as a motivator in life.

    Set-Typhon - The Adversary, War and God of Darkness. Typhon the storm titan, for Luciferian and Sethanic rituals of rebellion, spiritual self-liberation, individuality, creating from the darkness and magick.

    Thoth - Egyptian God of Writing, Knowledge and emotional balance. 

    Horus - God of the Sun, strength of the power of disciplined choices and conquering as a war-god. 

    Osiris - God of the Underworld, Death and knowledge of self-transformation deep sleep.

    Amon-Ra - Ruling God of the Sun, creation and manifesting designs for a beneficial life. Later identified in Goetic demonology as Amon.

    Dagan - God of Winds, Magickial initiation and the Underworld as honoring the dead. 

    Nergal - Mesopotamian God of War, Death, Plague and the Left Hand Path Nergal is the deity who is known to bestow Melammu, divine radiance which is the presence of the strong individual in mind and posture. Nergal is a protective and aggressive deific mask who has strong demonic and even vampiric traits in Sumerian, Babylonian and Assyrian lore. Nergal is known throughout the ancient near east. 

    Poseidon - God of the Sea, Earthquakes and the Deep watery abode. Use for obtaining inner energy (violent passion), shaking order to change something in life. Poseidon may be used for the Canaanite God Yam as well. In the Testament of Solomon, the demon-ruler of the Sea, Kunopegos, is identified as Poseidon. 

    Dionysos - God of unrestrained passions, ecstasy and intoxication, conqueror. Use for rites of instinctual passion, celebration and destroying fear to conquer your enemies and obstacles. Dionysos is at times the unpredictable and violently passionate one, even having traits of a war-deity (especially in ancient Thrace). Dionysos is identified as Sabazios of Phrygia and Thrace, whose form at times was a Serpent of fertility. Dionysos is a manifestation of the New Testament's concept of Satan (from the enemy which was the demonic and the Hellenistic Greco-Roman world and religions that was not Judeo-Christian).

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