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ALGOL - Ritualistic Soundscapes by Michael W. Ford Digital Download - The Luciferian Apotheca

    ALGOL - Ritualistic Soundscapes by Michael W. Ford Digital Download

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    Michael W. Ford (Psychonaut 75, Hexentanz, Valefor) with his structure of luciferian magick creates Cataclysmic Ritual musick which allows the frequencies of both the empyrean and the chthonic to rise up from the dormant subconscious and with vibratory incantation call forth the Daemon within.  ALGOL – A word which derives from the Arabic Al Ra’s al Ghul, Al-Ghul, or Ri’B al Ohill, which is translated “The Demon’s Head”. Algol was in Hebrew known as Rosh ha Shaitan, or “Satan’s Head”, as some traditions have referred to Algol as the Head of Lilith. The Chinese called Algol Tseih She, which is “Piled up corpses” and was considered a violent, dangerous star due to its changing vivid colors. On some 17th century maps Algol was labeled, “The Specter’s Head”. The 8 points of the outer chaos star represent the mysteries of the SEVEN EVIL GODS of Babylonian sorcery (Maskim Hul-Babylonian Magick), the 8th being NERGAL/ERRA the war and plague god who directs the powers of the Sebitti. In ancient Persian Yatuk Dinoih it is the 7 Arch-Daevas created by Ahriman, the 8th being Eshm/Aeshma who may direct the power of the others. In Adversarial Magick it is the powers of the fallen angels or the Watchers, the 8th point being the Nephilimic Black Adept who is the self-deified son of the heavens the earth. The seven is Leviathan/Litan, the serpent-dragon of the chaos-sea, directed by the will of Yam-Nahar. The Pentagram refers to the mastery of the five elements of our physical and spiritual reality, both the heavens and the chthonic depths, timeless and divine, godlike and independent. ALGOL is the mirror of the Black Adept, one who may enter and reside in the pulsing eye of blackened flame. 

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