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Algol Chaos Inverted Pentagram (8 pointed star) Pendant - The Luciferian Apotheca

    Algol Chaos Inverted Pentagram (8 pointed star) Pendant

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    Originally available only to The Order of Phosphorus initiates, this powerful sigil known from the works of Michael W. Ford is now available as a lead free pewter design with a black cord. TOPH has a new order sigil in the works which expresses the more isolate depths of their magick.

    The chaos-sphere and inverted pentagram which represents the Adversary in all of its forms. The 8 pointed star is from ancient times of Sumeria, Babylonian and Assyrian goddess, Ishtar, representing Venus the Morning and Evening star, goddess of war and love. In ancient Syria and Canaan, Ashtoreth, Astarte, Anat and Ashtar the Rebel are representations of the planet Venus as War and Love.

    The Magick Fire of ALGOL is a center point for magickal workings in which the sorcerer may project his or her will through it,  project a servitor or the aethyric body through it as a point for empowering your workings. An interesting connection that Lilith holds with Samael/Satan is the Star Algol which was originally called Arabic the “Ri'B al Ohill” and later the Hebrew “Rosh ha Sitan” meaning The Head of Satan and also Lilith. Algol can be viewed as a Star which represents the essence of Satan and Lilith, the twin fire of becoming through the Left Hand Path. In Luciferian Sorcery, Algol is presented as an 8 pointed Chaos Sigil with the inverted pentagram in the center. This is made reference to the number 8, being of Baphomet and Chaos, and the pentagram representing the five points of the Adversary.


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