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    AKHTYA - Uriens Rising Digital Download

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    Michael W. Ford records as AKHTYA - Ritual Soundscapes and dark ambient tones offer a musical journey into the Luciferian sphere of self-directed inner light and fire as the gift from the God of the Morning Star, Ashtar-Chemosh, Lucifer and the Uriens deity turned demons. Satanic Musick to inspire inner power. 4 tracks, 31 Minutes.

    Uriens (Oriens) In the Hellenic period, the sun was represented as a Deific Mask, or God. The Greek name for the sun-god was Helios, while the later Roman name was Sol. In the Hellenic period and in the early Roman period prior to Christianity, Sol was known as Oriens (Uriens) which meant “Sun rising in the East” and was assimilated with Apollo. Emperor Aurelian around 274 A.D. honored Sol as the radiate crown and standing ‘Sol Invictus’, holding often a sphere and a bow in his hands. The profile bust of Oriens presented a Hellenic influence; Oriens (it is written around the bust of the god) is much like Apollo with the radiate crown of the sun’s rays; his noble and strong luciferian profile inspiring pride and the joy of victory and order. Oriens is depicted also driving the quadriga guided by four strong horses.

    During the Christian period, the deity remained proud and strong in his abyssic abode as a Demon King. Known from 4 names, Abramelin introduces the King as Oriens, Paymon, Ariton and Amaymon, allotted to the "Evil Kings" of the four quarters of the World. Oriens, is from Latin, ORIENS, = rising or Eastern. The word URO, = to burn, or devour with flame. In Medieval demonology, Oriens became a name of the Devil.

    "Urieus," from Latin, "URIOS," a epithet given to Jupiter (Zeus) as presiding over the Wind. Urieus is derived from the Greek Adj. "EURUS, EUREIA, EURU," translating vast or extensive. By the Rabbins he is also called SMAL, Samael, which is derived from the Hebrew root SML, which means "a figure, image, or idol". It is a name given in the Qabalah to one of the Chief powers of the Demonic hierarchy.

    Uriens Rising is structured around the elements of Air (Air/Astral/Spirit/Imagination) and Fire (Fire/Consciousness/Passions/Motivation), the tonal structure of the foundations recorded and manipulated are intended to inspire the listener with 'spirit' and 'astral' impulses towards entering the sphere of the Luciferian fire we call "The Black Flame"; the divine fire of consciousness and the liberated mind. Oriens is restored as the crowned Adversarial Deific Mask, invoking the divine Black Light of the one Christians call "Satan" or "The Devil". This album is intended for meditations both outdoors either at Dawn or until 3 PM while the rays of Oriens-Sol is still at a conquering phase in the daily cycle. Focus and invoke the Daimonic instinct towards your search for the True Will and serious, long term plans to shape the world you desire most. The Lucifer Sigil with the Names of Power in Moabite/Phoenician and Ugaritic Cuneiform proclaim the nature of the working. Those seeking a deeper understanding are encouraged to read "Dragon of the Two Flames" to further open gateways to wisdom and power." - Michael W. Ford

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