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    Akhtya "Nightscapes of Lilith" Digital Album

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    Track Listing:
    1. Sideros
    2. Aiiehiaa
    3. Kilili of the Windows
    4. Isheth Zenunim
    5. 480 Howling Spirits
    6. Nightmare of Tabi’ah
    7. Aiiehiaa (Tehom Nightscape edit)
    8. Aiiehiaa (The Bronze Afflictress edit

    This recording, composed of eight compositions, were carefully and methodically structured by underlying tonal layers, to act in the imaginal realm, accessed by the soundwaves to be a gateway into the Nightside. Each track in some way, some noticeable and others not, contains drones derived from field recordings such as winds, desert ruins, predatory birds such as the owl, vulture, and cacophonous screams and howling's in both daylight and nocturnal settings. The aim of this was to provide a foundation for an almost unspoken ceremonial via sounds to invoke Lilith and her timeless and haunting brood of demonic wind, night, and storm spirits and phantoms. The incantations, recorded by the Luciferian Priestess and devotee of Lilith, Sara Ballini, utilized a subtle and venomous Italian flair as almost disembodied incantations, both calling forth, and manifesting, spectral howling's from the Abyss. The Sitra Ahra may be touched herein with the right conditions, or simply, provide a dark ambience to ones’ work or meditations. The incantations are derived from spells from Sumerian, Assyrian, Babylonian, Islamic-Arab, Turkish, Armenian, Persian, Hebrew, and Syrian conjurations by Michael W. Ford (Akhtya). Akhtya t-shirts available from and other Akhtya CD's from Dark Adversary Productions.

    This ritual was recorded over time, in America and in Italy, between 2022 and 2023.
    Akhtya (Michael W. Ford) - ritualistic soundscapes, incantations
    Sara Ballini - spells and invocations
    Cover art: Fosco Culto
    © 2023 by Akhtya, published in digital format under the authority of Succubus Productions Publishing,

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