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    AKHTYA - Fallen Angels & Rebel Spirits Digital Download

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    The Luciferian Apotheca presents "Fallen Angels and Dark Spirits", a 58 minute journey into soundscapes and nightmares which provide a gateway into the imagination and the deep subconscious. The soundscapes are created by Akhtya (Michael W. Ford) for the purpose of enjoyment, meditation, ritual or the psychodrama of ceremonial invocation. This recording is centered on the symbolism of the spirits of darkness and their astral abodes and aerial explorations which are between the world of shadow and light. Call this Dark Ambient or Ritual Music, the soundscapes utilize a Paradise Lost (Milton) inspired realm of the Dark Spirits and Fallen Angels of myth, the depths of hell and their manifestation in the history of this world. The symbolism of the Luciferian Angels reveal inner strength, pride, power and wisdom which is a mirror to our waking dreams and nightmares. A blend of Dark and Powerful Choirs, ambient textures in sound utilizing organic and manipulated sounds, Babylonian and Near Eastern war-drums, spiritual and otherworldly manifestations of the black flame and much more. This is pandemonium in a sigil of sound!

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