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    Akhtya "DUSHMATA" Digital Album

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    DUSHMATA is a ritual recording invoking and honoring the practices of the daeva-yasna, called ‘demon worshipers’ in ancient Persian, the Yatus (wizards, sorcerers) and other heretical worshipers of Ahriman (Angra Mainyu) and the Daevas have early origins in the Indo-Aryan tribes of the Maryannu and Haumavarka (Haoma-wolves). Ahriman and the ArchDaevas are invoked by sound and chant. The Hells are a triple sonic structure to lead the listener into the hidden place of the shadow, dream and the subconscious. 

    Akhtya is Michael W Ford, whose ritual recordings and dark ambient ceremonies are intended as inspiration guides of the imagination, the dreaming Eye which embraces the acasual energies of the abyss and the waking earthly flesh of this world. 

    MP3 Format, Digital Download, Playing Time: 1:40 minutes

    Track List:

    1. Abode of Akoman
    2. Dushmata (Hell of Evil Thought)
    3. Dushukhta (Hell of Evil Words)
    4. Dushvarshta (Hell of Evil Deeds)
    5. Caves of Cheshmak (Chismak Daeva)
    6. Astovidat (Daeva of Death)
    7. Lifting the Spear of Havoc
    8. Daevayasna - The Rite of Ahriman
    9. Taurvi Conquering Wardance
    10. Ahrimanian Fire-Serpent Invocation
    11. Voices of Sarvar


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