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Akhtya & Corona Barathri - SUMMUM MALUM Digital Album Download

Corona Barathri & Michael W, Ford (Akhtya) - Summum Malum / Thronos tou Satana

Corona Bararthri:
Affectvs - darkest soundscapes
Kein [Sol Mortuus] - ritual instruments, mastering
Fosco Culto [Lamia Culta] - artwork, vocals
Mastered at IHF studio by Kein

Recorded in Studio Arezura 2017
Produced and composed by Akhtya (Michael W Ford).
Azazel Sigils are reproduced from “Fallen Angels – Watchers and the Witches Sabbat” by Michael W Ford. Additional art is derived from Kitti Solymosi’s illustrations in “Dragon of the Two Flames”.
“Thronos tou Satana” (Throne of Satan) is a Four Part ritualistic invocation of two specific infernal elements and spiritual powers. Azazel the Fallen Angel and Watcher whose authority is the skill of the forge and the fires of both destruction and desire. Azazel is invoked by the inspiration of his form in the deserts and mountains as a goat-demon. The mastery of the haunted and wild steppes of Palestine and Israel desert ruins commands power and strength over the harsh lands and abode of demons and ghosts in the ancient near east. Dudael, the abyss under jagged rocks and dark earth is one abode of his teaching of witchcraft and sorcery. The second part is “Thronos tou Satana” (Throne of Satan) which recalls the city of Pergamum in Asia Minor, the very seat of Satan in the New Testament. The Hellenistic and Roman gods including Zeus, Dionysus, Apollo and Hades among others represented the Judeo-Christian ‘Satan’ or devil manifest then in the Roman Imperial Cult. For the modern Luciferian, the Adversary represents traits such as conquering your enemies, indulge in the pleasures of this life; honor the spirits of the dead, Magick and Sorcery are willed acts of commanding your world and religion holds foundation in natural phenomena and social order. Satan is invoked and honored as the Prince of the Powers of the Air and God of this World; the Key to Self-Initiation into the Luciferian current is opening and passing through the gates of Earth and Air. Diabolus, the “Devil” rises in those who proclaim mastery over their life and world.
The Third invocation, “Tongues of Fire within Azazel’s Darkness) is the keys to Fire and Air. Azazel is the First Black Smith who fashions swords, chain mail, armor, shields and daggers to inspire the primal mastery of survival of the fittest. Azazel’s Black Fire are the tongues which inspire the rational use of the Black Arts. As the Prince of the Powers of Air Azazel’s authority is the spirit of divination, emotional intuition and passion to make dreams flesh.
The Fourth invocation, Angeloi Satana (Angels of Satan) invokes Azazel as the fallen angel who offered humanity the gift of free will, choice and unlimited potential in the mythical garden. In the Apocalypse of Abraham, Azazel appears around the tree of Eden in the form of a serpent-dragon with hands and feet like a man, on his back six wings on the right and six on the left. Azazel holds mastery over the fires of Hades, the essence of such is fueled by the spiritual essence of the fallen angel. This recording as a whole is an initiatory working to by way of sound and ritualistic ambience, fashion a gateway of self-transformation and the gift of the Black Flame to shadow forth ones’ own Daemon under the guidance of Azazel and the Greco-Roman Satan of old.
Corona Barathri & Michael W, Ford (Akhtya) - Summum Malum / Thronos tou Satana

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