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AKHKHARU - Vampyre Magick 2nd Illustrated Edition by Michael W Ford


2nd Revised Edition, newly illustrated by Lamia Culta, Julian Zurc, Dizmah, and Emerson Cotillo Saenz. Akhkharu has been revised and edited by Paul Nunez of Manus Sinistra Publishing. 6 X 9, 355 Pages.

We drink from the Sun at Midnight, the blood congealed under a pale moon. We drink from the ecstasies of the Qlippoth, and leave strengthened and whole. We seek to go forth in the night in the Therionic forms cloaked in nightmarish shadows. To feed upon the energy, slowly drinking the soul to fuel daimonic Apotheosis. Those who wake within the nightmare, having the thirst born of Lamaštu and Lilith, may also be called to the initiatory cultus of Vampyre Magick.

AKHKHARU - Vampyre Magick is a truly grimoire of forbidden, guiding and inspiring the aspirant towards the heretical and considerably ‘secretive’ initiatory rites formulated from the Black Order of the Dragon, beginning in the mid-1990’s. Vampyre Magick is founded on the core and foundation of Luciferian Philosophy, with a decidingly deep alignment of the daimonic totality of predatory spirituality.
The formulation of Vampyre Magick is founded on the essence behind the mythological vampire: Life Force (QI) is the reality behind the symbol of blood: Energy is formulated by thoughts, moods, focus, beliefs, outlook and so supports or diminishes the living body. Sorcerous detachment from the physical body, shaping the Body of Shadow and transitioning from the mental realm to the astral plane, this involves the alignment with demonic and predatory spirits and deities, including Lamaštu, Lilith, and the Udug-hul.

Originally published in 2007, this newly illustrated and enhanced edition includes additional material, including the “Feast of the Gidim-hul”, and horrifically beautiful, sigil and illustrative iconography of the Vampyric and Satanic powers in which this grimoire finds communion with. 
Vampyre Magick is transgressive, liberating the mind from moral and ethical concerns, the Black Adept is transforming and by dark Illumination, becomes a spiritual predator so aligned and identical to such patron spirits as Lamaštu and Lilith. 
Balance is existent within the two-fold experience of initiation, the aspirant becomes aware of the occurrence of the mind, including philosophical beliefs, gradually enhances and accumulates insight and power which is a gate-opening subtlety towards a metaphysical framework of the control and accumulation of the energy so generated by the thoughts and perception of consciousness.
The rational and disciplined calculation of the Black Adept, shaping and conquering earthly life so visualized with Vampyric Awareness (the transformation from the mundane to the predatory mastery of energy via the meditative and will-to-power unity of Will-Desire-Belief) elevates the Vampyre Magickian towards the hidden levels of liminal experience. 
Akhkharu guides the aspirant with beginning steps: philosophic transformation, self-mastery, and the strengthening of will; the techniques of feeding and draining energy (Life Force) from the living by unnoticeable techniques. Initiation into the Nightside, the alchemy which manipulates fantasy, imagination, will, desire and belief to attain power and liberation by the "drinking" of energy.
The initiatory path of the Gates of the Qlippoth and Vampyre teachings are unveiled, gaining the path to Infernal Apotheosis, Baptized as a Vampyre Magickian whose potential has now glimpsed the anti-cosmic liberation of chaos and the abyss. These The contents of each Gate of the Qlippoth, containing invocations and methods for slowly liberating the spirit from the flesh, mapping out the simultaneous co-existence of the realms of matter, energy, and spirit.
The Apostasy of the Black Order of the Dragon is introduced in this grimoire, to rip open the veils of unawareness and to think as a predatory spirit, transforming as something like a demonic spirit or archetype. These works are secret to the Adept, that to walk unaware among those you interact with, the predatory spiritual nature of the Vampyre is carefully hidden and concealed in the waking world.

Editions: 6 x 9 “inches, 356 pages, available in four versions: Softcover, Color-Softcover, Hardcover, and Digital editions.

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