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Agathodaimon the Black Flame - AKHTYA
Agathodaimon the Black Flame - AKHTYA Digital Album Download - The Luciferian Apotheca

    Agathodaimon the Black Flame - AKHTYA Digital Album Download

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    Ritualistic Dark Ambient, 50 Minutes digital download. Composed and produced by Michael W. Ford (Akhtya).

    A journey into the depths of darkness and the astral plane filled with echos and dark brooding waves which are equally abyssic, demonic and otherworldly. Dark ambient compositions which have crafted and suggest sonic spheres of the Self igniting in the Black Flame, ascending in Daimonic Apotheosis and exploring the deep spirals and blazing stars of the void. Akhtya's composition here is equally a balance between organic instruments which are drawn into a tapestry of abyssic soundscapes which ignites the imagination into the inner-demonic and Deified Arcana of Self.

    1. Temple of Genius Loci

    2. Illumination in Black Fire

    3. Akephalos the Headless One

    4. Agathodaimon the Black Flame

    5. Entering the Astral Plane - Behold the Terrible Light

    6. Temple of Genius Loci Mars Edit

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