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Inverted Ivy & Vine Pentagram Necklace - The Luciferian Apotheca
Inverted Ivy & Vine Pentagram Necklace - The Luciferian Apotheca

    Inverted Ivy & Vine Pentagram Necklace

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    The Inverted Ivy & Vine Pentagram is a beautifully detailed pendant with a gothic touch of the deities Artemis, Bendis, Dionysus and Sabazios. The ancient Roman mysteries from Asia Minor relate the secret mysteries of Sabazius, involving a serpent, a chthonic symbol of healing, renewal, fertility and wisdom."'The god in the bosom' is a countersign of the mysteries of Sabazius to the adepts". This serpent passed through the bosom of the initiates. Ivy and the vine is deeply connected to chthonic mysteries and is akin to these serpent-powers of old. 

    In the obscure text of Pseudepigrapha, 3 Baruch / Slavonic & Greek versions, the VINE was first planted/created by Satanael / Samael, the chief of evil angels in rabbinic literature. The name of Satanael was said to be his name in former times, while it is more probable as Samael. "And again I Baruch said to the angel, "Lord, show me the tree through which the serpent deceived Eve and Adam." And the angel said to me, "Listen Baruch, in the first place, the tree was the vine, but secondly, the tree is sinful desire which Satanael spread over Eve and Adam. Because of this, the Christian God cursed the Vine."

    This Inverted Ivy Pentagram necklace is an handmade pewter sculpture adorned with an antique finish, size of 4.5cm or 1.77 inches.

    This Inverted Ivy Pentagram necklace is sold with a free stainless steel chain.
    The material used is the finest and highest grade hypoallergenic pewter alloy of 98% Tin.

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