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Lilith Demon of Night
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    Lilith Goddess of Night Pendant

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    Lilith Goddess of Night Pendant - 2-sided with Names of Power.

    2" inch tall by 1" inch wide, black enameled high quality pewter design. Back features the Names of Lilith and her name is ancient Hebrew. Comes with black cord.

    The ancient Goddess of Night, called Lilith was originally a Goddess who manifested in various "Deific Masks" such as Ishtar/Inanna, Ereshkigal and of course her Lilitu incarnation. Lilith is in legend a vampiric demoness, a night spirit who drank the blood of the young and sleeping. Lilith appears also as "Az" and "Jeh" of Manichaean and Zoroastrian texts, she who stirred Ahriman from his slumber. Lilith is shown here, her wings pointing downward (symbolic of her nature in the underworld), young holding the rod and circle, a symbol of her overmastering power as a Divinity. Her hands, upright symbolize her ascending. Lilith wears the horned cap of divinity, only worn by the Gods and powerful deities of ancient Mesopotamia. Her name is written in Hebrew above her head. The back is something Michael W. Ford added to this design: the "names of power" of Lilith, each representing her nature as a predator and underworld goddess, thus a powerful talisman for the night and ghost-wind spirits and the vampiric essence of the Adversary!

    The pendant features Lilith as the winged goddess (wings downward represent the underworld), the circle and rod representing the divinity of this goddess. The names inscribed on the back are Words of Power which are used to call Lilith: Kleptuza: female childstealer, Abnukta: nocturnal, Amorpho: ugly, unshapely, Strina/Satrina: Strix-Screech owl, Ikpodo/Ayylo: swift flying and wind storm, Abyzou, the blooddrinker akin to Abito, Labartu, the demoness daughter of Anu from ancient Babylonia, Lilith is the ancient Babylonian vampire goddess, who has many classes of night spirits who work in accordance with her.

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