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by Michael Ford on March 16, 2021


By Michael W. Ford

The Day of Ahriman occurs on March 21 at 12:PM Noon.

The Day of Ahriman / Angra Mainyu is derived from the ancient Zoroastrian cosmology myth of the date and time the Lord of Darkness, called the Adversary, entered the world to challenge that of Ahura Mazda. Michael W. Ford established this date within his Luciferian tradition in the early 2000's and was described in his publications such as Luciferian Witchcraft, Liber HVHI, DRAUGA, and other works.

Ahriman is honored as the bringer of freedom, liberation from restrictive beliefs, religious dogma and social control which restrains the advancement of individual potential. The Daevas and Ahriman are outwardly malignant, demonical manifestations of darkness, perversion, and lustful indulgence; Yatuk Dinoih (cultus of witchcraft teachings within Luciferianism) inspires the actualization and establishment of the will to power in the Magickian, towards Liberation, Illumination, and Apotheosis.

Outwardly demonic but what is the symbolism beneath, what is the essence of the Adversary? The teachings of Ahriman and Daevas reveals a balanced understanding of these powers as both creative and destructive. Yatukdinoih offers tools of sorcery, to strive for initiation to become like Ahriman as a living temple of the daeva, while increasing the strength of will, not weakening the mind with the traps of over-indulgence and decay.

The essence of Ahrimanic Sorcery (also daeva-yasna, demon-worship which in context is simply honoring and respecting these powers as guides, inspirations, and relation to the self) is to use adversity, struggle, strife, and challenge to inspire the accumulation of force of will and the awareness of the principles of magick works.

There is a cosmic order and anti-cosmic balance observed in Luciferianism, each having varying paths of exploration depending upon the will of the Black Adept. The primal darkness of chaos is the timeless, horrific spirits, wrathful inspirations which from the Black Flame illuminates the subconscious and conscious mind to shape energies and insight to have optimal mastery in this world. In one aspect, this world is a prison of linear time, slowing all to decay and consumption back into the ‘oneness’ of the monotheistic tyranny of what some call ‘demiurge’ or ‘god’.

The study of Quantum Physics and Mechanics exploit tools and theories which exist together with concepts in Luciferian / Left-Hand Path / Black Magical philosophies in Magick. Modern technology and historical methods and traditions in concepts of magick, sorcery, the supernatural and paranormal can be compared and with a critical mind, apply the philosophy of Luciferianism in a balanced approach uniquely to the mindset, interests, and goals of the Luciferian with commonality of practices and subtle awareness of how these disciplines work.

The simple common technique and method in all manner of Luciferian practice (polytheistic, gnostic, agnostic, theistic, atheistic or anything else) is in a simple obsessive concentration and unity of three things: Will, Desire, and Belief.

Traditions including the superstitions, lore, mythologies, religious aestheticism, and initiatory schools of thought may incorporate any self-acknowledged investment of a metaphysical framework. The Luciferian may indulge in the aesthetics and imagery of the Satanic and demonic symbols of the very essence of rebellion and darkness in Judeo-Christian lore if doing so inspires and supports the magical workings and results of the Satanist, never trapping the individual in the dogmatic structure of the absolutes of that religion!

For instance, demons in Judeo-Christian traditions are embraced as guides, motivators and inspirations which have origins outside and even older than Christian cosmology, yet the Black Magician does not recognize the extreme absolutes of self-destructive dualism as a reality. In short, the essence beneath the image is of strength, power, and a higher faculty of awareness, not recognized by those blinded to the initiatory wisdom of the Left-Hand Path.

Paganism is equally celebrated by Luciferians; the traits of the Adversary are found in many pantheons including creative and destructive aspects. Caution is always present before investing time and energy into explaining why Luciferians have the philosophy which cannot be grasped by those conditioned in blind faith and monotheism, especially when it comes to ‘good’ and ‘evil’ dualities and the non-existence of ‘morals’, which those of a blind-faith construct tend to not live up to and often applying unneeded emotional struggle in denial of the natural instincts of man and woman.

Religious authorities and social powers, throughout history, claim to be of their god and its’ laws, pushing moral authority and countless commandments while using social interaction via ‘church’ and community to encourage herd conformity. What is easily recognizable is that when you are force-fed ‘morals’ and ‘commandments’ while not having the natural balance cultivated to affirm what you conceptualize as ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, ‘good’ and ‘evil’, then those rules are almost always superficial and open to a wider negotiation and righteousness to justify doing the opposite.

Luciferians do not have any deity to apologize and confess to, nor any hanging ‘savior’ to take away our guilt from our many wrongs and mistakes. This inspires more thoughtful interactions

Luciferians and Satanists learn to apply thought and strategy to most actions we take, ignoring the traps of temptation (often tempting others if the aims of the devil are to your advantage) to continually support strength of will and our balance of mind. Not causing harm and the sickness of spirit by over-indulgence, instant-gratification, and overly selfish (balance is key) behavior demonstrates the Luciferian qualities of the individual. Leading by example is one way of expanding the Luciferian current into this world and enhancing our power within and in life.

Luciferians can indulge in this earthly existence, with rational attachments to that which gives us value and purpose, using this cosmic prison to our advantage to whatever aims we as individuals, have. This is accomplished by application and adaptation of the 11 Points of Power, the core commonality and foundation of Luciferianism.

In the Left-Hand Path, your values, moral-constructs, beliefs about right and wrong are enhanced and mutually beneficial to your character and nature as a conscious individual.

The anti-cosmic abyss from which the cosmos was made is limitless and lawless as trans-dimensional shadow surrounding this world, Therionic and demonic energies, manifesting in our world as the Adversary, is a terror and deathlike wrathful impulse which can be meditated and embraced to benefit some to gain wisdom and power to liberate the isolated psyche with demonic theurgy and Apotheosis, aimed as forcefully entering the Abyss at death in determination of self-transformation among primordial energies.

The cosmic order including nature is to be experienced with a sense of balance in purpose, including if one is dedicated to initiation or merely focused on the identification as a Luciferian by philosophical acceptance.  

Ahriman and the many incarnations of the Adversary are only fearful and negative to those uninitiated and programmed in the religious constructs of the tender lies of religious sheepherding. The Adversary is the inspiring and motivating essence of awakened consciousness, liberating and destroying light burning away the illusions and traps of this world, warlike and wrathful in strategy towards self-mastery and conquering the obstacles before you.

Hail Lucifer! By the Spirit of Lilith & Az-Jeh!

Ba nam i aharman!



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