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Honoring Baal in "Month of Coming Forth" $10.00 OFF $50.00 Sale! Four Days only!

 In honor of the ancient Eblaite Month (see Dragon of the Two Flames by Michael W. Ford) known as "Itu e" (Month of Coming Forth) Baal awakens, for 4 days only (Thursday at 5 PM)

until end of day Sunday, take $10.00 OFF $50.00 at the Luciferian Apotheca on all items!

After shopping, enter promo code baal3 to receive your discount!!!!


Take 20% off for a limited time our Incense collection: enter CODE: 'incense13' for discount!

Take 15% off orders equal to or above $131.00 (before shipping) in honor of Samael the Angel of Poison....Make your selections and

at check out type in the Discount code "Samael"
to get your 15% off!

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