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Luciferianism: Ideology and Theory

by Michael Ford on September 19, 2011


 By Michael W. Ford

Luciferianism is the ideological, philosophical and Magickial attainment of knowledge and inner power via the left hand path. The type of knowledge sought is firstly that of the self: strengths, weaknesses and all that which makes us truly ‘individual’. Initiation or the revealing of knowledge is through study, practicing Adversarial Magick/Sorcery and the continual struggle for self-improvement through spiritual rebellion.

The left hand path for Luciferians is not a specific doctrine yet clearly an aspect of who we are. Luciferians are against the social concept of “God” and “Religion” as both is collective, sheep-herding doctrines which suppress knowledge, reward weakness and apathy and place unrealistic expectations on the individual for a ‘future’ reward which does not exist.  Luciferians do not accept the dualistic concept of “good” and “evil”; we hold the opinion that like in nature, darkness empowers light and light establishes growth and renewal.

Luciferians do not believe in an “afterlife” in the way which Judeo-Christians do. This does not insinuate that Luciferians don’t believe in the possibility or existence of an afterlife, there is just no need to believe in the Judeo-Christian absolutes such as a blissful paradise or some horrid place of punishment where terrible demons continually torture those who do not recognize the executed criminal-turned savior and his perceived ‘father’. In short, you will be hard pressed to find a Luciferian who believes in the “devil” and in “hell”. While it was the rage in a time of the masses having no literary skills, little science and overbearing masters, in our modern age of possibility that wonderful light is being shined in areas the early Christians would surely burn us for now.


I have found the most adaptable to Luciferianism in its true sense are actually biblical scholars and highly intelligent Christian-students. Such an odd consideration at first, many of these young people have the questions which have not been muzzled yet by life and still adapt to different paradigms based on knowledge. Many are able to then adapt well to magick once they understand that it comes from within and the directed Will. This change is not by them discovering “literal” Lucifer yet finding the elements which fed his modern manifestation and the essence revealed.

The Judeo-Christian concept of ‘Satan” is not necessarily a symbol or culture Luciferians utilize as a representation of the ideology. Considering that ‘Lucifer’ is a common Latin, “Judeo-Christian” epithet for Satan; how is this possible? Lucifer, ‘bringer of light’ is a term describing the morning and evening stars, Eosphorus and Hesperos. The Greek Artemis (associated with Hecate), who is a variation of the goddesses Ishtar and Inanna, is the morning star of Venus. Artemis is shown often holding a torch, as is Hecate, who are the bringers of illumination and equally those who bring night. Clearly understood, these gods and goddesses are not “evil” yet ‘balanced’ in their roles. Like humans, they are capable of both beneficial and malefic acts.

One of the early origins for the myth of “Lucifer” as a form of the Adversary is found in the Ugaritic-Canaanite myths of Baal and Attar (Ashtar). In Hurrian mythology, Ashtar is represented as Venus, the Morningstar. One of the precursors to the later Enoch myths of the Watchers, Ashtar the Rebel is the Morningstar who is likened to the later kings of both Babylon and Tyre, ascending in rebellious fashion against the perceived natural order. This is one point in which the Adversary or rebel represents the lively and willful mind which utilizes the laws of nature to ascend. In an astral sense, Venus the Morningstar is the illuminated psyche which thinks and is bright first, which inspires a jealous Sun to then rise up and attempt to remove and blot out the light of the shining one.

“Ashtar the Rebel went up to the reaches of Zaphon. He sits enthroned on the throne of Aliyan Baal…” –Cosmic Mountain, Clifford. Ashtar, who is associated with the Sahru and Salimu being the Morning-star and Evening-star, Light and Night-bringer, is parallel with the myth of Anat fighting Tannanu or Leviathan.

“In the land of Mhnm the dragon swished the sea; his double tongue licked the heavens, his twin tails churned up the sea. She fixed the unmuzzled dragon; she bound him to the heights of Lebanon.” – PRU, Cosmic Mountain.

Yamm or Judge Nahar, the Lotan/Litan or Seven-headed dragon of the oceanic-abyss is the Adversary who represents the subconscious mind; the psyche unbound and unwilling to adhere to perceived order. The necessary function of the Adversary is the vitality we call life, the very friction against the opposite which inspires evolution to a greater state of being.

The World is shaped by the Will-Directed Mind

Luciferians consider magick to be a process of continual self-improvement, strengthening consciousness and obtaining knowledge via a self-chosen path of initiation. Rituals are small markers of this process, for they represent “road signs” which assist the adept on their own path of spiritual and physical insight. Luciferians consider that a balance and interaction of the spiritual with the physical leads to the wisdom of experience, ultimately power. Through pushing these boundaries, the Luciferian can ‘ascend’ as gods themselves.

The theory of ritual magick is that the Luciferian understands the “gods”, “spirits” and “demons” are the archetypical creation of humanity; that our subconscious feeds the type of energy in which these beings exist through. Luciferianism is thus the ultimate spirituality as it focuses on the growth and expansion of the individual in a rational sense here and now, with the broad range of spiritual exploration as well. Luciferians find the symbolism of demonic gods, or ‘deific masks’ as representations of either a power or phenomena in nature and within the mind. It is the ‘bridge’ between both, the initiation, which unlocks the wisdom of darkness.

Luciferians consider the Black Flame, or “Melammu”, the power of gods and demons, to be the essence of divine consciousness. This is visualized within via meditations and in ‘dream’ workings or astral projection. The Black Flame is the inner fire of the mind given to humanity by the Watchers or fallen angels. In ancient Mesopotamia, Melammu is the divine gift first held by Tiamat the Goddess of Darkness. (See MASKIM HUL – Babylonian Magick by Michael W. Ford)

 Many ask, “What does it mean to be your own god?” My reply is that to be a god is to understand that you must be able to identify your spirituality emerging from within; that you empower any gods or daemons which are brought into your temple and that you alone are responsible for your accomplishments and failures. If you are the beginning or source of your spirituality, the strength you will possess will be greater than any other, allowing you to enter the path of the truly satanic and luciferian. As you can see, this has nothing to do with Christian ideology other than the adversarial mask. The archetypes/symbols/deific masks have meaning to you in what they represent and eventually what you have achieved using them, once removing the mask or symbol, the energy which fueled your achievement is derived from your imagination and Will.

 To be a god is to know that what you do now will affect your future days ahead. To be a god is to then take actions which will make your future manifest in most reasonable ways according to your will. To be a god is to call upon the other deific masks and daemons when you seek a type of knowledge, then to use them as a part of yourself. To be the most productive with this ideology, you must search and seek the knowledge of the history of the archetypes and enemies you seek to overmaster. Learning the origins of Yahweh is an excellent place to start: you will never look at a Christian the same again. They will appear even more pathetic.

The myths and symbols of old are potential “imagination fuel” for the luciferian, those who understand their greatness lies within their grasp and is only limited by their understanding of how the world works, their will and the ability to recognize errors in thinking which restrict success.

by Jorge Artiga on March 04, 2017

This article restored and re-stable my belief and what I always already believe. Thank you.

by john asaro on November 30, 2016

I’m about to take over the world. Thanks for helping me think clearly.. you worded this extremely well


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