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Ahrimanian Ritual - Michael W. Ford video on Luciferian YouTube Channel

by Steve Morten on December 06, 2013

Ahrimanian Ritual is a short work featuring several variations of nirangs and inverse afrins (reversed and darkend hymns) of the Yatukdinoih (witchcraft). Michael W. Ford as Akhtya is guiding the individual into the darkness and inner flame of Ahriman and the ArchDaevas. From both a Rig Veda/Mitianni adaptation balanced with the Zoroastrian (Avestan/Pahlavi) demonic, the cult of daevayasna is evoked in the structure of the film with sound, image and chanted word. A brief introduction allows one who is unfamiliar with Luciferianism to gain perspective on the aims and path of Ahrimanian Sorcery (Yatukdinoih). Watch and read the meaning behind the visual images and musical 'spiritscapes' and the awakening in darkness. Find more at the Luciferian Apotheca.



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