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Luciferian Information

Luciferian Articles Blog

This is the official Luciferian Articles Blog published by Luciferian Apotheca. You will find pragmatic ideology, philosophy and the practice of Luciferian Magick in numerous forms here.

Greater Church of Lucifer

The Greater Church of Lucifer is only a “church” as a play on words. We are a gathering of like souls who seek to understand and live within the framework of Luciferianism as we understand it. We have no religious dogma or tenants of belief that are mandated upon any person. While we are within the scope of the occult, or mysteries, we extend no control over individual lives. In our community is the opportunity to focus on self-transformation and the understanding of living a responsible life. This is a self-determined inner spirituality that leads to living a life of wisdom and power. One discovers for herself/himself that no one has control over anyone else and this must never be so.

Author Michael W. Ford YouTube 

The Luciferian YouTube Channel with Michael W. Ford presents the ideological and magickial foundations of Luciferianism. If you have sought the freedom from ignorant dogma but have questions, this is the right place to start. If you are a Satanist, Atheist or Ceremonial Occultist, this in the least will be informative concerning the origins of modern magick.

Author Michael W. Ford Facebook

Succubus Books 

Publisher of Luciferian and Magickial Works, namely Michael W. Ford

The Order of Phosphorus

The Order of Phosphorus (TOPH) is an initiatory guild which is centered on Luciferian Magick being the self-determined shaping of the will and compelling change in the living world. Luciferianism is first a philosophy of training the mind (and will) to control and direct energy towards both short and long term goals.

Author Jeremy Crow

Jeremy Crow is a Left Hand Path Occultist and Luciferian. Visit his website for information on his current publications, podcast and other insightful offerings.

Luciferian Research Society

The Luciferian Research Society exists in order to provide an atmosphere of co-operation among "Left Hand Path" occultists and to encourage the application of Luciferian principles toward accomplishing real world projects.

Ziggurat of Enki - Jeremy Crow YouTube Channel

The Ziggurat of Enki presents videos on Luciferianism, Tarot and interviews with fellow occultists.