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Michael W. Ford - Author and Composer

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Author of over 24 books, Co-Owner of Luciferian Apotheca, dark ritualistic ambient recording artist, lecturer Michael W. Ford is a leading Luciferian visionary and Left Hand Path practitioner. As a co-founder and one of four Archons, Ford along with his associates defended Satanism, Luciferianism and Left-Hand Path Philosophy during and after the opening of the Greater Church of Lucifer and Assembly of Light Bearers in international media. His publications include Sebitti - Mesopotamian Magick and Demonology, Drauga - Ahrimanian Yatuk Dinoih, Necrominon - Egyptian Sethanic Magick, Adversarial Light - Magick of the Nephilim, Dragon of the Two Flames - Demonic Magick of Canaan, Sekhem Apep - Typhonian Vampyre Magick, Satanic Magick, Scales of the Black Serpent - Basic Qlippothic Magick, Shadows of Azathoth - Horrific Tales of Vampiric Darkness, Luciferian Witchcraft, Liber HVHI - Magick of the Adversary, Goetia of Shadows, Luciferian Tarot and First Book of Luciferian Tarot, Maskim Hul - Babylonian Magick, Akhkharu - Vampyre Magick, Book of the Witch Moon, Beginning Luciferian Magick, Magick of the Ancient Gods and has edited, annotated and published three works of the Order of Nine Angles, namely ONA - Collected Works, The Black Book of Satan I, II & III, and Naos. Mr. Ford also writes on the Hellenistic Diadochi (Seleucids, Ptolemaic Egypt, Greco-Roman religious themes) and the Ruler Cult and culture of warfare. 

Michael is a student and researcher of Ancient Near Eastern Religions, Early Christianity and the history of occultism. Akhtya (Ford) is the founder and Magus of The Order of Phosphorus, a worldwide magical order dedicated to Luciferian Magick as well as presiding Yatus of The Black Order of the Dragon, a magical guild dedicated to the teachings of astral and bio-medical energy vampyrism, dream control and sorcery with a foundation in logic and reason. Michael is also an accomplished musician and composer, beginning in the 1990's with Black Funeral and into the late 2013 with Psychonaut 75 (industrial and ritual electronics), Valefor (death industrial), Hexentanz (medieval ritual music) and now currently as AKHTYA (ritual and dark ambient music). Ford has contributed to the soundtrack for the horror film (with Psychonaut 75) Hellbound - Book of the Dead and other artistic performances. Michael has also been featured in numerous magazines worldwide and many Podcasts as well discussing Luciferianism and the Left Hand Path. Michael continues to practice his initiatory path with Luciferian Magick and has a deep interest in demonology and necromancy among other things. 
Michael W. Ford in ritual chamber.

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