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Pazuzu Pendant - The Luciferian Apotheca
Pazuzu Son of Hanbu King of Lil demons
Pazuzu Pendant - The Luciferian Apotheca

    Pazuzu Pendant

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    This Quality Pewter Pendant is highly detailed and is 2" x 1½". Written in english on the back of the pendant is the original inscription that is written on many of the Pazuzu Amulets found in the near east.

    Pazuzu is an ancient protective spirit of both men and women. Pazuzu is known as "Son of Hanbu, King of the Evil Lilu-Demons (Lilu you guessed, is Lil or Lilith-wind and night demons in ancient Mesopotamia). Pazuzu has both beneficial and malicious traits and if his image is worn, sigil charged and invoked is a protective demon who holds sway to assist mothers, children, the supplicant summoning this ancient 'evil' to protect, etc. Pazuzu originates and summons winds from the "Mountains of the Underworld". 

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