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Paimon Goetic Demon Talisman

    Talismanic Mala/Necklace of PAIMON

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    This goetic mala/necklace is unique as it is not created frequently due to the incense and ritual invocation performed once made (as to simply honor Paimon). 

    Under the auspices of King PAIMON, this skull bead mala (and/or necklace) is a consecrated talismanic ritual tool, dedicated to the Goetic demon and fallen angel, Paimon (Paymon). Paimon is a king of the Underworld, or Hell, who governs 200 legions, half of them from the Angelic Order, and others belonging to the Order of Powers. The quarter in which Paimon is enthroned is the West, for which this illustrious King is known throughout ancient and modern tomes of demonology and black magic.

    This talisman utilizes dark blue (recalling royalty, power, and simultaneously the element of Water and Air) skull beads, while slightly smaller black skull beads (representing the Western quarter associated with night, darkness, and death as a part of the natural cycle of life); the skulls flank the center talismanic Sigil of Paimon, known from the Goetia. The sigil is around 1" inch x 1" inch and is discreet enough to either wear or carry on your person. The Sigil of Paimon is made from lead-free, high quality pewter with an antique finish. 

    This particular mala is for those who invoke and have a ritual working to summon the energy and guidance of PAIMON and perhaps the two Kings, Bebal and Abalam, who attend this spirit, who is of high exaltation and power under LUCIFER. 

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