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The Day of Ahriman and Luciferian Sorcery by Michael W. Ford

by Michael Ford on March 21, 2017

Within the lore and symbolism of the various paths of Luciferianism, a date of ancient Zoroastrian origin holds considerable value to recognizing the power of challenge in nature. The path of ancient Persian sorcery or witchcraft, known in Pahlavi as 'yatukdinoih' is celebrated as self-liberation and empowerment from restrictive dogma of monotheism. In the dualism of Zoroastrianism, the Adversary known as Ahriman or Angra Mainyu is said to have entered the material world on the modern date of March 21st at 12 Noon.

"The date of Ahriman entering creation is in the old month (Zoroastrian) of Fravartin on the day of Ohrmazd at midday. Yatukan adepts will honor March 21st at 12 PM with libations, incense and a small fire with human hair mingled in the flames creating smoke as a willful affirmation as a living temple of Ahriman. To enter the Adversarial Current is to be accountable for your self-determined path towards strength, wisdom and power balanced with a sense of balance between creation and destructive acts.
As Ahriman entered the sky, his form a blackened terrible serpent, winged and poisoned fang under burning eyes, the very sky was shaken. The sky shank from Ahriman in terror, even as a ewe would shrink in fear from a wolf. Now Ahriman would bring balance and adversarial motion into the world; thus the strong and cunning would survive in nature." - From "Drauga - Ahrimanian Yatuk Dinoih", Michael W. Ford, Succubus Productions 2014

The myth for Zoroastrians represents the value of the worship of Ahura Mazda against their Devil and the Daevas, enemies of the monotheists who submit to a guiding and rewarding power above them. Luciferians recognize Ahriman as a deep symbol of self-will and liberation from restrictive belief, also the challenge and adversarial spirit in nature which inspires the strife in this life that makes us stronger in mind and body. 

Struggle and challenge in life rouses the Luciferian to adapt and overcome, equally to utilize strategy and the strength of will to master the world he or she lives in.

To celebrate this Ahrimanian date of earthly determination, the Yatus (sorcerer or witch) will burn a black candle at 12 noon, offering a simple strand of hair to the flame: an act of blasphemy in Zoroastrianism which is a direct offering to Ahriman and the Daevas of the yatukan sects. Pouring a libation into a crack or hole in the ground is also suitable, while chanting a simple invocation of 'in the name of Ahriman' is appropriate as well.

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Drauga - Ahrimanian Yatuk Dinoih, Michael W. Ford, Illustrated by Kitti Solymosi. Succubus Productions 2014

by Zal Adarbad on November 12, 2023

This was astutely explained to me by Sara Ballini in a conversation today. I am a Mazdan. However, this is perfectly illustrated. The movement of the world, the celestial bodies, the water, the shedding of our bodies every seven years, the growth out of dated beliefs, etc, could not have happened without the intrusion of Ahriman into the cosmos.

I thoroughly appreciate the article.


by Natalia on April 26, 2017

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