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Scrying Salts for Divination

by Michael Ford on April 24, 2019


The Luciferian Apotheca presents a new product to inspire and invoke atmosphere into your Scrying meditations and rituals. Luciferian Apotheca Scrying Salts by Soror Itarzy (who handcrafts our exclusive line of Ritual Bath Soaps) are a unique product which you will not find anywhere else! Our Scrying Salts are activated in a divination bowl filled with warm water and produce a fog and smoke-rising reaction to aid in producing mystical states of mind during divination and scrying workings.

Using the small scoop that is included with each container, pour 1 scoop into a divination bowl filled with warm water. This will turn the water black and the effect of smoke will rise from the bowl. Only the best ingredients are used in this product and it will not leave a stain or residue in your bowl!  


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