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Imagination and Ritual for the Rational Luciferian by Michael W Ford

by Michael Ford on December 24, 2016

The actual practice of Magick is an art which draws on the imagination and the association of symbolic meaning. For the Adept who creates a functional space which is centered on the altar, every tool and object should have a basic meaning concerning purpose. The first priority of a neophyte is to study and understand the structure of ritual. You must trust your instincts and adapt your practice as it suits you.

Understand that Luciferian symbolism commits the neophyte to a different and intimately more powerful in the intent, turning the athame or wand from the self towards what you desire to conquer or command to your benefit. Magick is both internal and external change according to your will. Casting a circle is not superstitious Judaeo-Christian protection from 'demons'; for Luciferians the Casting of the Circle is announcing and recognizing your extent of your body. The Circle is the visualized area to focus guide the energy invoked to direct towards any number of goals. 

Here are some key tips towards preparation:

1. While you should maintain a rational approach with healthy skepticism in your daily life, when you enter the ritual chamber allow your imagination to fuel your belief (depending on your spiritual approach) and focus on the passion of Will-Desire-Belief. You are alone upon the path, the Luciferian must continually seek to refine and shape your thoughts towards the acceptance that you are accountable for your path in life. 

2. Self-Initiation rituals are self-determined acts which have the symbolism of entering your journey upon the Left Hand Path. Finding a ritual is a key exercise which supports the fine tuning of understanding and accepting your instincts. Understand the symbolism of the ceremony and establish beforehand a period of time which you will practice: consistently.

3. Individuals are not required to perform "ceremonial ritual" in the formal sense; some recite the ritual, allowing the complete belief in your mind that you are affecting your surroundings just as if you were physically invoking. Merely "reciting" is not always enough; it is best to pair it with some system of physical work-out which your mind will direct and build the energy associated with the rite. 

4. Establish a consistent discipline in which you will grow stronger in Will by testing your weaknesses and strengths. Insight is gained from experience, self-transformation is on some levels painful yet highly rewarding.

5. Build confidence in what you want to experience: don't allow yourself to be overly influenced by seeking the opinions of everyone you know. Luciferians are aligned with the wolf mentality, not the sheep! Seeking guidance is always beneficial, yet be willing and determined to experience your path on your own. After a period of time of self-transformation, an embodiment of the Adversarial Current, the Luciferian Light will illuminate your Apotheosis.

6. Just because you have a "forbidden grimoire" does not make you an Adept. What are you doing with the tools at your finger tips? 

As a lifelong practitioner of Luciferianism, my journey thus far has established a variety of Adversarial types of energy and experiences. When you start, keep it simple.

-Candles and color have meaning depending on what you wish to perform: learn what you need then. The same for incense, a chalice or offering bowl, the athame, wand, etc. The altar cloth bears a symbol of inner power, use narrow focus with rituals and keep your energy focused with the Deific Mask and intent you have chosen. The combination of Will-Desire-Belief is the key to successful results; be willing to adapt and learn from your experience. If you fail be critical of what could have contributed to your results: is the goal reasonable, are you lacking in disciplined focus and allowing your imagination to fuel your visualizations? 

Just as the statue is the physical representation and focus-point of the energy you invoke and the type of energy within nature and from within you. If you don't connect well to a Deific Mask, adapt and change. You should listen to your instincts prior to this, once you start you must have the discipline to see the working to completion.

Basic rational thought and applying logic in Luciferian Magick can establish over time a strong spirituality which is supported by results. That is power and standing strong as a Luciferian.


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