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How to Celebrate the Spring Equinox w/ Lilith & Ahriman

by Michael Ford on March 03, 2023

In recent years, Luciferian philosophy (along with other schools of thought) has explored and identified creative and positive elements from concepts of demonology, black magick and traditions including the Qliphoth. Let us look at two separate yet meaningful traditions from Hebrew Qabalah and Persian demonology via Zoroastrianism. Both have bounteous streams of infernal currents which bring, in perspective, balance between the cycles of creation and destruction internally. 

By adapting our thinking to how we view the adversarial powers, rather than just destroying and evil forces, they are motivators, inspiring forces and energies to be honored and harnessed in alignment with our will.

In Hebrew Qabalah, Luciferians view the Qliphoth as a powerful and even isolated (separated from the monotheistic Tree of Life as the mode of 'correct thinking') Shadow Tree which bears the fruit of Da'ath, or the forbidden knowledge of good and evil. Malkuth is associated with Lilith and even Naamah, representing Black Earth, the realm of dreams, emotions, instincts, desires, and passions which can be shaped and directed to benefit the individual towards a balanced life. Lilith, along with Mahalath, Naamah, and Igrath rule the Tequfot (the two solstices and two equinoxes). 

Bahya ben Asher ibn Halawa, an early 14th century Kabbalistic Bible commentator, who died in 1340, unveils the myth of Lilith:

"And know that the kabbalists have written that the woman from the land of Egypt whom his mother took for Ishmael was the daughter of Kasdiel the Egyptian sorcerer. And when Ishmael divorced her, according to the instructions of his father [Abraham], as it is mentioned in the Pesiqta, she was pregnant. And she bore a daughter, and she was Mahalath daughter of Ishmael. And the mother and the daughter participated in that desert in many sorceries. And a spirit ruled over it, Igratiel by name. And that spirit was attracted to Mahalath, who was very beautiful, until she conceived from him and bore a daughter, and called her name Igrat, after the name of the spirit. And thereafter Mahalath became the wife of Esau, and she left the desert. Not so her daughter Igrat, for she and Naamah and Lilith and Nega' rule over the four Tequfot [the two solstices and the two equinoxes]. And they said that Lilith fornicates with all men, and Naamah only with the Gentiles, and Nega' only with Israel, and Igrat is sent out to do harm on the nights preceding the Sabbaths and Wednesdays. And behold, Lilith is the scant measure that is abomination (Mic. 6:10), which Igrat and Naamah carry to the Land of Shinar, as Zechariah (5:11) said[1]. And about this it is said to the fearers of God, neither shall any plague [Nega'] come nigh thy tent." (Ps 91:10). (Patai81:459f)

Lilith, Naamah, Igrath, and Mahalath thus the Vernal Equinox, Summer Solstice, Autumnal Equinox, and Winter Solstice. The gather on a great peak near the Mountains of Darkness. Each demonic queen rules on her Tequfa, from the hour of sunset until midnight, with all their hosts of spirits. 

These four goddesses are queens and equals in their part to SAMAEL, the heavenly patron turned fallen Seraph of 12 wings. Naamah is the sister of Tubal-Cain, being beautiful and lustful, she is deified into a fiery demonic spirit akin to her "mother", LILITH. Naamah, mated with the angel Shamdon which beget the half-demon, half-human Asmodeus. Asmodeus became in some Hebrew traditions, the King of Demons, while Naamah also was the mother to the demonic brood born of Shamdon after.

The above lore is from Talmudic-Midrashic mythology. Naamah was deified and transformed in Qabalah lore into a half-human, deathless spirit who, like Lilith, exists in the Sitra Ahra, entering the world to seduce men and strangling children sometimes in their sleep. God appointed her and Lilith over the askara (strangulation) of children.  

For the Luciferian, Lilith, Naamah, Igrath, and Mahalath are arch-demon queens who hold the energies and hidden treasures within our subconscious, and if honored and not allowing our desires to destroy our selves, can be harmonized towards a balanced, Know Thyself-ish aim of self-directed power, wisdom, balance and strength in this life.

There is also a gnosis to be attained and experienced in a deeper level of meditation and magick. Such is called Black Magick as it represents the color of 'wisdom' and a solemn oath dedicated to the Left-Hand Path. SAMAEL and the Four Witch Queen's of the four Tequfot are black alchemical mysteries within nature (the seasons and times) and our internal perceptions of what we confirm as good and evil. 

The Spring Equinox of Lilith the Younger, the shakti burning as the fire serpent and adorned in flames from the waste down, reveals our hidden desires and emotions, balanced equally between the masculine and the feminine. If one is not equal, the other does not exist. There is no room for rejecting one for the other. The Adversary is from the Infernal Union of TWO. Both are united internally within the mind of the Black Adept, that he or she may become the living incarnation of the energies which are recognized as CHIOA, the Qliphothic 'Beast' or BAPHOMET, the two-horned one. In Thelema, this is recognized as the Union of BABALON with the BEAST 666, a solar and lunar formula seeking to attain balance. 

The Spring Equinox is a time a balance, it is creative and fertile within nature and in our minds as well. Celebrate life and love, kindness and cruelty if it is required. For Luciferians, no matter if demonic or angelic, we possess the birth-right of self-will and this is the gift of Lucifer (Samael-Azazel) and Lilith, the Black Flame.

We seek not the "light" of enslavement and mindlessness in heavenly bliss, rather we cultivate and enhance our inner light, the star of Lucifer and Ishtar, morning and evening stars of Venus. The darkness is both invigorating, healing in its' chthonic alignment, seductive, creative and also destructive.

Darkness is but our fiery source of inspiration and motivation, it is our Light of consciousness that focuses and directs in balance our will internally and externally. Read and understand this secret of the Left-Hand Path and seek to Know Thyself. Monotheism teaches submission and rejecting so-called evil impulses, all the while acting out on the most violent and destructive acts in some misled self-righteousness or within the veil of being "good".

Luciferians are accountable and responsible to ourselves and actions: no one else to blame. If you decide a course of action, own it and don't corrupt yourself. 

Luciferian magical practice includes what I define as Yatuk Dinoih, ancient Persian sorcery and witchcraft. The honoring and invocations of the daevas, called daevayasna (demon-worship) focuses on the energies of not only the arch-daevas (Akoman, Savar, Indra, Naonhaithya, Taprev & Zairik), yet also the minor demonic powers and the two Rulers of Darkness, AHRIMAN (Angra Mainyu) and Az-Jeh (the devouring, lustful earth-goddess turned demon). Zoroastrian or Mazdean myth, prior to the advent of Islam, associated with Zurvanite heresy and Manicheanism, provides the following lore:

On the date of March 21st, at 12PM (noon), Ahriman in the form of a great serpent, ripped into the sky from the void, entering the earth and bringing the demonic in balance and eternal conflict with the opposite powers of light. For Luciferian Yatukih Adepts, Daevas have both the demonic (of Mazdean lore) and deific (of the Rig Vedas) aspects and traits. To know both is to align towards balance. Luciferians view the strife Ahriman and Az-Jeh bring into the world of matter (our living world), the motivation to conquer, indulge, be lustful in restraint and evolve by becoming wise, strong, balanced and powerful as conscious beings. 

The Spring Equinox may be celebrated in any way you deem appropriate, to inspire, renew and re-focus your path in life. Nature is rising in invigoration, the cycles of life and death are struggling eternally in balance. No matter if you celebrate the honoring of the light aspects in such as Ishtar, Ostara, Diana, Hecate as the Maiden, Lucifer, etc. do so in pure will and love. Burning incense, invoking a spiritual energy for guidance or the therionic (demonic or beast like darkness), rejoice in your gift and potential in life. 

 Some suggested acts:

1. Invoke and meditate upon Lilith via the Black Mirror, stone or your chosen divination technique between twilight and midnight. Burn incense to honor Lilith and Samael. Pour libations of water or wine from your chalice or bowl in the act of honoring.

2. Participate in an Equinox celebration (if you are a Luciferian, feel free to enjoy with other Pagan's or Witches even if their alignment is on the surface different, focus on similarities).

3. At Noon on March 21st, burn incense and light the candle of the Black Flame (or a fire in your designated cauldron or container) while honoring Ahriman and Az with an invocation or verse from the book, DRAUGA or BIBLE OF THE ADVERSARY. Focus on how your primal desires and instincts fuel and are refined by your illuminated conscious mind and will. 



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