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Customer Appreciation 19 Day Give Away !! Aug.12-30th

by HM Wayman on August 12, 2019

Customer Appreciation 19 Day Give Away ! Aug. 12th- 30th

We have the best and most loyal customers, horns up ! To honor you our loyal customers we are giving away 19 items over 19 days.  Plus a huge bonus giveaway at the end of the giveaway.

Here is how it works:

For every order over $40 placed you will receive an entry. Entry’s start counting on Aug. 12th.

Each day starting Aug. 13th an entry will be randomly selected and a number will be randomly selected. Whichever customers name is selected will win the prize in the picture that correlates to the number that is drawn.

The winner and prize will be announced Daily on our Facebook Page.

The Entry and prize that is selected will be removed but all other entries will remain and will have a chance to be selected in the remaining drawings.

On the final day all entries will be added back in for one final Bonus give away. A signed hardcover copy of the Fallen Angel and a 30 minute skype session with Author Michael W.Ford.

*** Each $40 order (Before Shipping) will count as one entry

*** Prizes pictured are items that were either given as samples from vendors or where ordered as a potential new product for the Luciferian Apotheca

*** There is only 1 of each prize item and the size of the rings are stated on the picture

***There may be no exchanges or cash equivalents to the prize item

***Skype Session will be scheduled within 1 month of the win.

Prize List :

  1. Qlippotic Spider Ring (Stainless Steel)
  2. Horned Demon inverted Cross Ring (Stainless Steel)
  3. Norse Odin Warrior Ring (Stainless Steel)
  4. Demon Mask Ring (Stainless Steel)
  5. Wolf Ring (Stainless Steel)
  6. Gothic Blood Stone Ring (Stainless Steel)
  7. Horned Black Baphomet Ring (Stainless Steel)
  8. Blood Coffin Ring (Stainless Steel)
  9. Inverted Pentagram Ring (Stainless Steel)
  10. Copper Pentagram Moon Ring (Copper)
  11. Horned Baphomet Ring (Stainless Steel)
  12. Vampyre Bat Ring (Pewter)
  13. Lilith Pendant
  14. Black Sulphur Levithan Cross
  15. Inverted Cross Rosary
  16. Norse talisman for invincibility Rune Pendant
  17. Lucifer Sigil Choker Pendant
  18. Sulphur Leviathan Cross Pendant
  19. Illuminati Ouroboros Pendant

Bonus Giveaway: Signed Hardcover of Fallen Angels and 30 minute Skype with Author Michael W. Ford

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by Thomas R Wager on August 22, 2019

I like the fast shiping.


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