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Celebrate Luciferian Apotheca's 15 Year Anniversary!

by Michael Ford on March 08, 2022
Celebrate the Luciferian Apotheca's 15 Year Anniversary!
We will be sharing special product offers and savings, now through Sunday the 13th.
From the 8th-10th we are giving 15% off all orders! (Savings are automatic)
Check out our Facebook page on 3/11 to see what our next offer will be!
Happy 15th Birthday to the Luciferian Apotheca!
A Message from the Founders:
When we started this in 2007, there were very few options or choices for finding specific Left-Hand Path, Black Magick, Luciferian, Satanic, or other dark magical supplies, books, or clothing. Shopping for Satanic or Daemonic items was sparse, often on some obscure page on a website or in a small corner at a brick-and-mortar shop. We wanted to create, cultivate, and bring the dark majesty of the Left-Hand Path to one shop and this is what began the manifestation of the Luciferian Apotheca!
At first, this was not easy in any stretch of the imagination. Firstly, we could find little to no Satanic Merchandise, only the occasional Baphomet statue (and at that time there was only 1 being made available consistently). The LApotheca opened with little fanfare and a basic website. We opened only offering hand-made clay Sigil pendants, screen-printed altar cloths, t-shirts, Satanic and Luciferian Ritual Oils and Incense. We also published the First Luciferian Tarot deck in later that same year. Luciferian Apotheca was established from our Succubus Productions Publishing, which published Michael W. Ford’s books (publishers in the early 2000’s did not want books openly Satanic, Luciferian or “Dark”. Our only marketing tool back then was “MySpace”, remember them?
We have outlived MySpace, and many other LHP, Satanic and Luciferian companies, we have seen them come and go throughout these 15 years. Our success was hard-earned, expanding steadily and with the spread of Luciferian philosophy and magical practices. We began working with manufacturer’s on creating our own jewelry including the high-quality lead-free pewter Infernal Union Baphomet, the Lucifer Sigil, Ahriman, Lilith, and more!
We expanded our printing capabilities by partnering with larger print houses. This allowed us to offer better options and expand our print product line with items such as full color t-shirts, hoodies, and large altar cloths, tapestries, mugs, hats, posters, shoes, boots and soon we will be adding even more products that we hope you will Love. We worked with our wholesale partners to bring more quality LHP products to market such as Baphomet and many other demonic statues. These items are now readily available in many places worldwide.
We have maintained our serious dedication to the Left-Hand Path.
Where many LHP products are created and distributed by people with no interest and or experience in magick or the LHP. They simply want to capitalize on the “it” symbols and or “edgy” satanic sayings, often mashing non-related symbols or pantheons together in a type of Magick soup with little to no significant meaning.  
Our co-founder Michael W. Ford has 28 plus years of serious dedication to the LHP and Magickal Arts. He has researched and published over 26 books from a luciferian perspective. Our hand made products are made by real practitioners of Magick and or the LHP. We also have helped forge common ground with similar methodologies and practices not only within the LHP, but also similar traditions also involving the practice of Magick.
While being serious about our work, we find balance with a dark humor in some themes, with the mere aesthetic enjoyment of producing for the Demonic Pandemonium expressed in mythology, religion, and modern culture: that is why we are Doing the Devil’s Work since 2007!
Now, in 2022, LApotheca has continued to grow, expand, and refine our focus for our special customer’s. We thank you for your continued patronage and loyalty, join us in our honoring of the Dark Powers and those spiritual energies so found in many of us and Bearer’s of the Black Flame!
Hopemarie & Michael W. Ford

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