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Balance and the Autumn Equinox

by Michael Ford on September 09, 2021
Balance and the Autumn Equinox
The Demonic as Indulgence while maintaining Power and Perspective
by Michael W. Ford
No matter what your spiritual path is: Pagan, Witch, Luciferian, or any variation therein, for those aligned with the polytheism of the ancients, the Autumn Equinox is symbolic in so many ways for the Left-Hand Path magician or witch. A key grounding concept in Luciferian philosophy is Balance. The Equinox coming Sept. 21st is one of Balance, when Day and Night are equal, darkness and light exist within and outside of us, one fuels and enhances the other in a dark light of equilibrium.
Luciferian Magickal practices, adapted from the Zoharic myths of Lilith and Samael, crystalized in the concept of the Sitra Ahra (the Left or Other Side) as the Qliphothic Sefirot. Kabbalistic teachings from the Middle Ages identified a deeper symbolism from the early 14th-century. Luciferian and other Left-Hand Path initiatory traditions adopted and adapted the dark majesty of the Qliphoth, presenting an equilibrium between demonic desires and self-mastering impulses, using primal energy as inspirational motivation, guided and directed under the control of will. The Qliphoth is demonic yet for the Luciferian, emanations are in harmony with the self as a guide towards Liberation, Illumination, and Apotheosis. That translates to enhancing Wisdom, Power, Balance, and Strength is can be validated with success or adapted to overcome failures.
In Qliphothic lore, Four female spirits are the mothers of demons: LILITH, NAAMAH, IGRATH, and MAHALATH. Each commands hosts of unclean spirits, for which are Legion in number. The Four holds elevated power and authority as rulers on the four Equinoxes: the Vernal Equinox, Summer Solstice, Autumn Equinox and the Winter Solstice.
Lilith and her sisters gather on a summit of the Mountains of Darkness in the North. Each rules on the Equinox, from the time of the Hour of Sunset until Midnight, their demonic hosts are enhanced in the emanated "left side" energy and power derived from the Qliphoth. In some lore, the four are the consort-wives of SAMAEL. Samael holds rule over four kingdoms according to Hebrew mythology, having a consort in each.
Samael and Lilith are conjoined in the mysteries of Infernal Union with the Taniniver (Blind Dragon), the abyssic incarnation and emanation of Leviathan. The King and Queen of the Qliphoth, Samael and Lilith, together create and incarnate the ADVERSARY or OPPOSER, the Satanic and Luciferian fallen angel, "other god", demonic powers who stand against the tyranny of Yahweh and dogmatic religion; motivating and guiding those who have exalted the Black Flame in those dedicated and growing stronger as a vessel of Satanic majesty.
The Autumn Equinox is harmonious with other Pagan and Witchcraft pantheons, parallel to some extent with the Satanic and Qliphothic traditions. MABON is celebrated on this date, honoring the Celtic god of Light and son of the Earth goddess. The Autumn or Harvest Moon reminds us that the cycle is coming to its' end, when HECATE becomes manifest as her Deific Mask of the Chthonic Goddess of the Dark Earth and Black Moon.
The Autumn Equinox is a time of honoring the many victories and all that you experience in life, giving thanks to those powers and chosen ones who support your awareness of the fragility of life and the dark beauty of nature in its' journey into the Underworld to regenerate in the New Year. You have become acutely aware of self-accountability and reaping what you have sown, affirming the subtle powers that you hold authority over. From the type of thoughts, perception, chosen words, and actions taken the energy sent forth under your will is simply the Triad of the Morning Star in perpetual, fiery, violent, and storming motion: Liberation, Illumination, and Apotheosis.

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