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A Short Note on Magick and Sorcery in Luciferianism by Michael W. Ford

by Michael Ford on December 21, 2016

The foundation philosophy of Luciferianism is easily identified in the "11 Luciferian Points of Power", a key to applying and integrating into every life and strengthening your "temple" of Mind, Body and Spirit. To walk the Left Hand Path is to have determination, strength, discipline and the desire of this life here and now; additionally, your personal transformation and potential in the future. Actualizing Luciferian Philosophy within your life is what we call "Liberation - Illumination - Apotheosis" which is "The Triad of the Morning Star". This is at base, Magick and "Black" Alchemy.

Ceremonial Ritual involving the use of incense, pouring libations, casting the circle with the Athame, Sword, invocations and visual imagery can be a strong aesthetic to your personal spirituality. What you believe within the ritual chamber is essential - Will, Desire, Belief is a key component. You should explore and use basic tools as you find suitable towards working your will and compelling your desire! 

At first, keep it simple, begin to trust your instincts and use the imagination and symbolism to command your desires to become a reality in this world. As you gain experience, adapt accordingly and seek to destroy restrictive dogma and thoughts imposed or adopted by you in previous years. 

Luciferian or Adversarial Magick demands the unity of Will, Desire, Belief and you should seek Balance in Creation and Destruction. If you spend too much time casting "love" spells, take some time to understand what within YOU could be restricting your happiness and adapt accordingly.

If you spend a lot of energy on cursing, you are more than likely ignoring your own shortcomings or potential personality issues creating the need for such.

Learn from your experiences and challenge your weaknesses to evolve!

To truly become a vessel and Temple of the Luciferian Daemon you must build a strong foundation and against all doubt overcome obstacles! 


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