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Samhain 20% Off Select items

by Steve Morten on October 21, 2013

Among select items for Luciferian Apotheca’s Samhain (Halloween) 20% off sale, statue of the dark Celtic goddess ‘Morrigan’ (Phantom Queen) is offered. Morrigan is a powerful goddess who has warlike and chthonic aspects as well. We are offering symbolic items and magickial tools associated with necromancy or the honoring festival of the manes of the dead. See our shadowy statues and other items associated with the Raven, Morrigan and more…

A Festival of Golden Fire, Fate and the Shades of the Dead

Samhain is a Gaelic holiday, ‘Samhuinn’, translating “Summerend” and much like Beltane, Samhain is sacred to the gods of light and earth. As with other ancient cultures including Canaan and Mesopotamia, the god of light vanishes into the Underworld during the period of winter; the goddess of the earth is honored for her substance bestowed throughout the lands’. Samhain is a festival practiced widely throughout the Celtic tribes and still celebrated today with buried meaning under the guise of ‘Halloween’. In the 9th Century A.D. the Church assimilated Samhain into Halloween.
Samhain is deeply associated with bonfires and is central to the cult of the gods of fire and fate. Bonfires were built on “All Saint’s Eve” in every village. During the festival when the bonfire blazes, often divination and specific folk ceremonies using ashes to form a circle are but a few practices. The cult of the dead is specifically a place of honoring and a celebration to the manes (shades) of the dead; presented in food offerings on this night when the veil is thin. In Irish Celtic lore, the shades of the dead and chthonic fairies were said to have an open gate to travel between both on this night. -Introduction by Michael W. Ford

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