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Discount on the Necrominon ** For International Customers Only**

by HM Wayman on September 23, 2013

                 $15.00 discount on Necrominon for International Customers

       We realize that when the international community wants to buy only a book and no other merchandise, the international shipping rates can be very high. To help alleviate this cost to our international customers we are offering $15.00 off the price of the Necrominon to offset the cost of shipping. (on both Hard Cover and Soft Cover).

       Although this discount was meant to offset the shipping cost of buying just the Necrominon by itself. We have decided that if you are an international customer and would like to buy additional merchandise from our store along with your purchase of the Necrominon the coupon will still be valid.

      So that means if you buy the Necrominion in either hardcover or softcover you can use the $15.00 off Discount Code even if you purchase additional merchandise.

      Discount code: NecroInternational

      Enter this discount code on the discount line during the checkout process. Enter the code exactly as you see it above. This offer is good until Oct. 31st.

     ***International Express Shipping. If you would like quicker shipping then does not use the coupon code above and pay the regular shipping price and we will have your book order shipped at a quicker rate.


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