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Satanic and Luciferian Spell Candles and their Use in Ritual

by HM Wayman on March 29, 2013


The ideology parallel between Luciferianism and Satanism is evident in the use of external tools as extensions of projected desires. Magick is an art which has two basic structures of operation; the first being goals self-determined as a perceived path towards self-evolution. Self-evolution may include becoming stronger in body (via exercise, practice of overcoming obstacles and physical boundaries which bring insight), mind (education, learning skills improving quality of life) and/or spiritual (gods or demons reflecting powers in nature and the human body/mind, invoking the god/demon inspires knowledge and power in relation to their role in the particular pantheon). The second are short-term goals which are generally associated with gratification concerning lust, compassion or the destruction of a perceived enemy (as revenge, etc) by the act of ritual which inspires the mind to connect with the power the demon/god represents and extending the Will towards compelling its success.

No matter if the Luciferian/Satanist is atheistic or a theistic magickian, the act of ritual as a psychodrama or spiritual approach is equally effective by both types of practitioners. Sorcery itself is defined as an act of ‘casting lots’, ‘encircling’ (to ensorcel) and directing spiritual energy towards obtaining these goals. This essay will provide a basic outline which focuses upon the generalized steps and ritual act independent of a particular paradigm or approach.

Luciferians and Satanists who are initiates of the Black Magickial Art understand that when entering the ritual chamber, the “circle” (always representing the circumference of your being as mind-body-spirit) invest belief in the myth and the fantasy inspires the imagination towards activating the subconscious towards creating the path to the manifestation of the goal. This includes the invocation of gods, demons and forces in nature by chant, words empowered and recited with belief, incense to offer in respect of powers called forth and other tools used as extensions of the Will.

One ritual tool is the use of the candle. Candles encased in glass may be consecrated based on color to a specific goal, associated with a god or demon a short and focused spell including words of power which guide the imagination and subconscious to strengthen the Will, activating the powers summoned. In Luciferianism, Black Candles symbolize Hidden Knowledge (Ancient Egypt known as Khem, the Black Land), Primordial Power (our motivating hidden yet potent desires/lusts) and the restful and dreamlike hours of night and dreams. Black Candles may be used for workings of Destruction as well. Red Candles represent lustful desires, yet also conflict, war and unrestrained passions. White Candles represent wisdom, insight, Divination and the purity/clarity of mind and the health of body. Yellow Candles represent solar energy manifest in Order in one’s personal affairs, stability and strength of the mind and body. Blue Candles represent Astral and Aerial Spirit, Emotional insight and inspiration. Green Candles represents in Wealth, Fertility in Nature as well as Body and Knowledge of the Instinct of Survival.

After obtaining a candle for your particular goal, it may be placed upon your altar or ritual space. Facing the candle, clear your mind and meditate for a short time on your goal. Light the candle and recite the spell, visualizing the process in which the goal may be reached. Allow your imagination to “see” the power summoned and the desire as one and the same. Some will burn the candle continuously; others may burn it for a designated period of time, extinguishing it later and the next day performing the rite again for seven days total.


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