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Bring in the new year with a New Magickal Journal or Book of Shadows.

by Steve Morten on December 23, 2013

Bring in the new year with 15% off Magickal Journals/Book of Shadows.

The Purpose of the Book of Shadows / Magickial Diary

The practice of magick and sorcery is a sacred art requiring the dedication and discipline or recording perception, insight on ritual or spell workings, results and daily thoughts or experiences. The benefit of a consistent and well-maintained journal is a record of the transformation/evolution and attainment of power which is highly important. You may not realize on the mundane level each day occurrences or insight of your transformation; however when you go back and study the long term records the evidence and results of your journey upon the left hand path. The Order of Phosphorus recommends a strong dedication to the journal daily, even if it is uneventful (the consistency strengthens the discipline of the magickial will).

The Book of Shadows is a blank book in which you write and record the rituals and spells of your personal practice including that of a coven. Every dedicated practitioner should during a lifetime, create a Book of Shadows which becomes a living spirit as the gateway to the black arts. Every Adept will have variations and additions to traditional grimoires which is then made personal and unique in manifestation.

Dream Journals are simply records of dreams / nightmares written in after waking prior to the conscious mind forgetting details. Dream Journals may not be written in every day, simply when you have dreams or conduct vampyre astral projections, sabbatic astral witchcraft dreaming gatherings or anything sleep/dream significant.

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