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10 year Anniversary

by HM Wayman on March 23, 2017

10 years ago in 2007 The Luciferian Apotheca began its humble beginnings. The idea came from a conversation about ritual tools and the lack Luciferian and Satanic related items. Michael said that throughout his 14 years as a practicing Luciferian , he found it difficult to find items directly related to the Left Hand Path.  Most magickal offerings were Wiccan in nature and could be modified to fit within The Left Hand Path but why not have a store focused specifically on The Left Hand Path. So we opened The Luciferian Apotheca. We started by making T-shirts, banners and clay Medallion sigil pendants. We also sold Michael W. Ford’s books. We later added oils and incense. Today we are proud to be the largest retailer of Left Hand Path items from many different magickal traditions. 10 years later many places began selling Luciferian and Satanic items but we have the absolute best customers and best employees who have stuck by and supported The Original Left Hand Path Store, The Luciferian Apotheca. We have grown thanks you ! Thank you for a great 10 Years and many more to come.

Ba Nam I Aharman,

HopeMarie & Michael W. Ford

Co-founders of The Luciferian Apotheca

Luciferian Apotheca doing The Devil’s work since 2007


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