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Saturnus - December's Rebirth

by Michael Ford on December 08, 2014

December is the traditional period of the Horned God as a symbol of misrule, chaos and order rising in a period of rebirth. Saturn, the god of time and beginnings manifests as the Horned God via the Saturnalia. The old Roman holiday of celebrating the god of misrule has some origins in Baal Hammon, Baal Hadad and the witches cult of the horned god. The god Saturn, deity of seed and sowing, was honored December 17th in the Julian Calendar. This celebration lasts for the period of 7 days, lasting until December 23rd. 

Traditional offerings are intended to celebrate the balance between chaos and order, death and rebirth with a focus on the forthcoming New Year and the potential of the individual and family. Offerings include incense, libations (poured to the gods upon the earth) and invocations.


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