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Month of the Feast of Kamis (Chemosh)

by Michael Ford on August 27, 2014

The ancient deities of Mesopotamia and Syria have a long history of succession and assimilation into the various Deific Masks they wear. Chemosh, the Moabite war and morning star god as presented in "Dragon of the Two Flames" has earliest origins in the Eblaite pantheon (Northern Syria) as being a power over the scorching winds and heat. The Eblaite calendar honors this god with the 12th month (August-September) as being "Month of the Feast of Kamis" or "Month of the Sacrifice to the God Kamis", reflecting the agricultural calendar and the period of extreme heat in late summer and early fall.

The god Kamis, known as Chemosh, had Underworld associations. As the Middle-Assyrian Ka-am-mus (an epithet of Nergal which identifies Chemosh as a form of Nergal), the Deific Mask ruled over the Underworld and the etemmu or ghosts of the dead. Kamasu, the very meaning of the word means 'to kneel down in submission' as well as 'prepare for burial'. The Ugaritic (Canaanite) go Zizzu-wa-Kamatu was honored as an underworld deity as well. 'Kemosh of the Dust and Darkness' (Zizzu-wa-Kamatu) is associated with the popular conception of the Mesopotamian Underworld being filled with dust and the Etemmu (Ghosts) having the clothing of bird-wings (associated with the black bird and raven). As the Levant god Chemosh, his role as Chthonic deity "Baal of Peor" (later Belphegor) was a fertility underworld god akin to Baal-Hadad (from his dying and rising role in the Ugaritic cycle) and Melkart of Tyre. Moloch was also an underworld deity whose cult was honoring the dead. 

Dagan, the Northern Syrian and Mesopotamian god of winds also known as "Dagan Bel Pagre" (Dagan Lord of Corpses) and "Dagan of the Pit" was also a deity of the cult of honoring the dead with libations and incense (including food offerings and blood as well). In the ancient city of Mari Dagan had the month of August dedicated to his cult.

To properly celebrate August-September in a modern Luciferian traditional sense, the first associations must be made.

1. Earth-Fertility and fertility of the mind-body-spirit are associated with the Chthonic, the place of serpents and the underworld.

2. Developing psychic or astral connections with the shades of the dead for the purpose of insight and divination.

3. Offering incense and libations to Chemosh, Dagan and Moloch is to honor the traits and potential of self-excellence observed in the dead and your future. Knowing your strengths, desires and instincts to manifesting via magick creates a foundation of wisdom and power which reaches from the darkness to the heights of the empyrean (heavens). In short, begin with Chemosh/Moloch/Dagan (as underworld power) and rise up as Ashtar-Chemosh (Morning Star).

For further reading, "Dragon of the Two Flames".  


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