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The Art of Invocation in Ceremonial and Hermetic Magick by Michael W. Ford

by Michael Ford on February 21, 2014

The art of Invocation is the act of calling forth divine (including 'empyrean', 'heavens' and 'infernal', 'underworld' or 'chthonic', 'subterranean') forces for the purpose of gaining knowledge (insight) and power (knowledge actuated towards selfish benefit). The Art of Ritual Invocation often includes the sacred acts involving Deific Masks (Gods and Demons) which are specific models of the aforementioned divinity holding sway on the goals of the Magician. The act of Ceremonial Invocation requires the individual to utilize the imagination and the use of Desire (the act of gaining power), Will (the strong single-minded determination of steps towards the goal) and Belief (uniting the imagination and fantasy with the symbolic representation achieving a realistic accomplishment). The psychodrama of ritual involves igniting the senses with stimuli associated with smell (incense), sight (the ritual chamber decorated to inspire the power or environment of the Deific Mask), sound (the invocation chanted as a mantra and creating vibrations of sound in the mind; also the music or beating of drums) and taste (the libation poured to the gods/demons and the chalice tasted by the Magician) finds a subconscious unity which finds a realization on the carnal and material plane based on the energy the mind sets in motion.

Oils have several possible uses in ritual; from burning the oil in a diffuser and visualizing the smoke going up to the gods and spirits in honor of the power they represent in nature and in yourself; to anointing the sacred oil to purify your carnal body in the spiritual act of ceremonial invocation and of course anointing a statue or talisman according to your ritualistic intent. The use of Ritual Oil may be applied according to your personal taste: if complete ceremonial invocation is not a possibility, due to your environment, anoint your neck with a small amount of oil (like perfume or cologne) while performing a silent invocation or meditation (fully visualizing the act as if you were doing it) and finally the Deific Mask to which your hymns and calls are made to. Burning the oil as a perfume in the home or altar chamber is also a potent way of completing this process of single-minded focus towards the spell or invocation you are casting.

Ceremony and Ritual must be adapted to the environment and taste of the Magic(k)ian to actualize the process of initiation and truely possessing this life here and now.


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