For those not afraid of the Dark..... Details

Powerful New Luciferian Witchcraft Black Oil !!

by HM Wayman on February 19, 2014

We are proud to announce that we have just released our new signature oil.

The name of the oil is Luciferian Witchcraft Black Oil. This oil is blended by black adepts with the finest essential oils . The essential oils and herbs used are all associated with the 4 elements and have a powerful connection to Samael, Lilith and Leviathan. This oil has only a slight dilution compared to most oils making it very powerful.

This oil is used to increase the power of your of your Invocation or Evocation rituals and spells. It is very powerful and should be used only by "experienced" Witches and Magickans for serious ceremonial practice. A instruction card with key suggestions to help add the element of self is included with this oil. These key suggestions help bring the sorcerer into the adversarial current.

Caution: This oil is not for those with an imbalanced mind, weak character, or those afraid of the dark ........ 


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