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Pazuzu King of Wind Demons Protection 7 Day Spell Candle - The Luciferian Apotheca
Pazuzu King of the Lilu-demons

    Pazuzu King of Wind Demons Protection 7 Day Spell Candle

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    Pazuzu is an ancient protective spirit of both men and women. Pazuzu is known as "Son of Hanbu, King of the Evil Lilu-Demons (Lilu you guessed, is Lil or Lilith-wind and night demons in ancient Mesopotamia). Pazuzu has both beneficial and malicious traits and if his image is worn, sigil charged and invoked is a protective demon who holds sway to assist mothers, children, the supplicant summoning this ancient 'evil' to protect, etc. Pazuzu originates and summons winds from the "Mountains of the Underworld". This 7 day spell candle should be burnt both day and night (if possible), invoking Pazuzu to protect yourself, a family member, child, etc. For a history and magickial approach of Pazuzu, see "SEBITTI" by Michael W. Ford.

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