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Andras (Goetia): Inspire Chaos/Magickal Self Defense Glass Spell Candle - The Luciferian Apotheca

    Andras (Goetia): Inspire Chaos/Magickal Self Defense Glass Spell Candle

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    Andras, a Great Marquis who commands 30 legions of Spirits appears as an angel with the head of a black night raven or owl, riding upon a strong black wolf and holding a sharp and bright sword is invoked in this candle. Simply use 'Goetia of Shadows' for rituals or focus on who you wish to give to the Darkness and the predatory spirits by burning this candle and focusing on the sigil. Understanding the control of anger and urge to act violently may be controlled by meditating upon the demon Andras.

    *due to weight of freight costs of shipping candles, pillar and glass candles, we are not shipping to Australia.

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