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                Altar Cloths and banners (sometimes called 'prayer cloths') are used in many ways depending on your needs and spiritual approach. They may be coverings for the top of the altar, which signifies the very center of your magickal focus. Altar cloths may also hang on the wall above the altar itself, a means of focus and intent of the type of ritual magick you are performing. Altar cloths may also be kept folded up and taken out if there is a lack of space, acting as a focus of your imagination and energies. A general symbol such as the Sigil of Baphomet, a pentagram, or something basic may be for most rites, but specific demon sigils, deities or such may be switched out depending upon the magickal aims. 

                The Luciferian Apotheca is proud to offer 24" x 24" full color and LARGE print Altar Cloth Banners!! Adorn your altar, walls or use it only for ceremonial and invocation workings. We have a large selection of numerous paths and traditions. If you require something larger than 24" x 24", check out our Tapestries!

                Altar Cloths (139)

                Babylonian Altar Cloth - Lamashtu of the Night


                Demon Altar Cloth - Belial Angel of Lawlessness


                Zodiac of the Qliphoth Demonic Altar Cloth


                Demon Altar Cloth - Orobos, High Prince of Hell


                Demon Altar Cloth - Astaroth, Duke of Hell


                Demon Altar Cloth Volac (Valak)


                Luciferian Altar Cloth - SAMAEL (Yaltabaoth) Archon of Chaos


                Goetia Tarot Altar Cloth


                Luciferian Altar Cloth - Invocation Names of Lucifer (as Satan)

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