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Angel of Death Azrael, Dark Angel
Azrael The Angel of Death 11
Azrael The Angel of Death 11

    The Angel of Death 11" Winged Statue

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    A darksome delight for your ritual chamber or home...the black winged Angel of Death...11 " inch statue, highly detailed. The wings of this dark angel are like that of a raven and symbolic of the spirit of necromancy and the ghosts of the Underworld.

    The Angel of Death has many names including Azāzīl, Samael, Azrael, Azazyl, etc.  

    Shrouded by a hood pulled low over their face, the only part of this reaper that is not covered by their flowing black robe is their unsettling, long hands. The robe drapes on the floor and pools around them. A pair of skulls sit on the right hand side, a reminder of our mortality. A pair of magnificent wings sprout from the reapers back in perfect symmetry, rising above their head, spread as wide as the can. Cast in top quality resin before being carefully hand-painted, this reaper is the perfect reminder that your time is fleeting.

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