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QUESTION: What if I want to order by cash or money order - via post mail?

ANSWER - Fine by us. Place your order and select check or money order during the checkout process. Make your payment payable to SUCCUBUS PRODUCTIONS. Make sure you write your order # on your check or money order.

Mail your check or money order to: Succubus Productions P.O. Box 11708 Spring TX 77391

QUESTION: How can I reach Michael W. Ford, is he responsible for my order?

ANSWER: While Michael W. Ford is a co-founder, he does not work in day to day processes at our office. You may contact him @ akhtya75 at or Michael W. Ford Facebook page.

QUESTION: Do you ship outside of the USA? Where?

ANSWER: Everywhere, yes we do! If the post office can deliver it, we can ship it! Please see our policy regarding International Shipping, located on our Ordering and shipping page.

QUESTION: Is it illegal to sell or own human bones?

ANSWER: It is perfectly legal possess and to sell Human Bones that are obtained through legal purposes in the United States.There is no law at the U.S. Federal level prohibiting you from having a human bone in your possession. The fact that some people believe there is or believe there should be such a law is irrelevant . Such laws may exist in other countries, or at the local level. One example is that the state of Georgia has restrictions on who may purchase human bones. It is your responsibility to check your local laws on this issues, as we do not know every state, county, or locality law in the United States and elsewhere. We work within the framework of U.S. Federal and International Treaty Law. Within these jurisdictions, there are no prohibitions on the sale or possession of human bones

 All of the bones sold through Luciferian Apotheca are obtained legally via retired medical display skeletons and osteological vendors. 

QUESTION: I heard you need documentation in order to have human bones in your possession. 

ANSWER: From a Federal Level the only documentation you need to own or sell Human Bones is documentation that shows your Human bones were obtained in a legal manner. A receipt of purchase should be fine. Again as stated above there may be specific state laws or laws outside the United States that require additional documentation. It is the responability of the customer to checking their state sepcif laws prior to purchasing.

QUESTION: Is it not morally wrong to sell human bones in blasphemous images? What about the bone powders?

ANSWER: We follow local, state and federal laws and this is our concern. We do not robtain bones illegally, nor do we see selling human bones as being in bad taste. Human bones of all types have been used throughout history in all types of rituals and ceremony's. In order  to explore the shadowside we acknowledge the need to know both the Empyrean and Infernal, NOX necklaces are meant as a powerful self-liberation sigil - bone powders are used in necromantic rituals and represent the power of the mastery of the spirit as well as a subconscious gateway into the spirit realm. We recognize that some will find it scary, immoral or horrifying. The feelings are unique to each individual. If you do not like them or offended by them, Don't buy them, it really is as simple as that -  

The dark should not be feared or shunned, but embraced and understood. Human skulls are from Medical supply companies and often discarded from Medical schools.

QUESTION: How long will it take to get my order once it is placed?

ANSWER: Your order will be shipped within 14 business days! Most orders are shipped much earlier than the stated 14 business days. We specialize in Unique items that are not always available in most places. So many of our items are made exclusively for The Luciferian Apotheca. Quality, and authenticity are important to us and sometimes that takes time. For more details please see our Shipping policy located on the ordering and shipping page.

QUESTION: How do I add insurance to my order?

ANSWER: If you would like to add insurance to your order, send an e-mail to Be sure to include order # along with a request for pricing to add insurance to your order.

QUESTION: My order says it shipped but I have not  received it, what can I do? 

ANSWER: You should first look up the tracking information in USPS. You can locate this information by logging into your customer account. If the order was sent back due to incorrect address or failed attempt at delivery, you should contact us. Once the order is received back at the Luciferian Apotheca you have the option to pay new shipping cost and have it redelivered. 

If the item states that it was delivered or no information is available after it was received at the post office, then your order may have been lost or stolen. If you requested and paid for insurance on your order then your order will be replaced including shipping costs once an investigation is complete.

QUESTION: I would like to find out the status of my order, how can I?

ANSWER: Check your account by logging in at our site. If the items are in Fulfillment it means they are staged and ready to ship. You may notice that not all items are fulfilled. That means that we are waiting on the items that are not fulfilled to either be completed or received. Most of our books are shipped directly from the publisher, so those are generally sent in a separate shipment from the rest of the items in your order. If you received some of your order and have not received a book or two, please consider that it may take a few days more. Hardback editions take a bit longer than soft covers.

QUESTION: I am a bookstore or shop owner and I would like to sell Michael W. Ford's books and or your products, do you offer wholesale?

ANSWER: Yes, we offer wholesale pricing to businesses for many of the items we sell including Michael W. Fords books. Please e-mail us at for more information.

*T-shirts and Hardcover Books ship separately from other merchandise in order, you'll receive tracking numbers for h/c books, t-shirts and other merchandise.