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Watchers Azazel Shemyaza Gadreel Sariel T-Shirt

    Watchers 'Circle of the Dekadarchs' Long Sleeve Shirt

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    A truly representation of the Luciferian Tradition and the teachings of the Watchers of Enoch I (and Chapter 69), Fallen Angels who taught humans to think for themselves, seize power, divine consciousness and forbidden knowledge. This is a ceremonial circle designed and derived from "Fallen Angels - Watchers and the Witches Sabbat" by Michael W. Ford. This circle may be used to summon/encircle/focus the spiritual energies of the particular Watcher and the knowledge/power you seek by charging it with the sigil placed in the center. The Black Adept may also enter the evocation center (which is empowered by the Hebrew spelling of Azazel) which is symbolic of the Mind, Body and Spirit of the Luciferian. The Names of Power around the circle represent the Intent and Essence of this work of Apotheosis.

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